Our singer arrived in the capital of Czechoslovakia nadlomlenaga Looking for the sake of health

Under the heading "For Belarus" "Free Belarus" in 1917, said: "Orsha, Mogilev province. Our Goradil begin to organize military-Ukrainians. Welcoming the establishment of the organization of our brothers, with pain we see, that our, Belarusian, organization and neem heard. Sadly it even more so, that there are people who remain "consciously" Belarusians, which should start a company. What and whom do they expect? V. Ratomka, Lib.-set. Railway Here not so long ago the German plane flew. Nekolko threw bombs, one just zranila lady that put the clinic. In Last year German airplanes even worse over Ratomka got up and often harms. "
"Belarusian source" on this week 1927 report from Prague that arrived there from Karlovy Vara Yanka Kupala: "Unfortunately, it happened that our singer arrived in the capital of Czechoslovakia nadlomlenaga Looking for the sake of health. Skinny, ever conceived and closed within itself, only the eyes are huge and terrible, closing the inside himself all the pain of yesterday and today’s Belarus, give to know about the life of creative thought. Health and other incidents not allowed to make a presentation to Kupala citizenship. "
"Vitebsk proletarians", year 1937. The newspaper wrote: "On behalf of the Paris Square in Minsk Común heightened pace is building the Great Municipal Theatre of Opera and Ballet Byelorussian SSR. Work is conducted in two or three shifts. Construction uniformly throws off the forest. This stunning building, with volume at 163,000 cubic meters, is located 6 at the crossroads of streets and completely changing the face of the whole area. Building on his own grandeur, architecture, interior and exterior seem a monumental one of the buildings is not only the capital of the Byelorussian SSR, and the USSR. "

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