PARIS AIR SHOW 2013. Su-35 to abolish the term «TURNING RADIUS» — Chinese engineers

PARIS AIR SHOW 2013. Su-35 to abolish the term
Deputy head engineer of the Chinese aircraft manufacturer AVIC Jansa Tan in an interview with Global Times expressed his undisguised pleasure of maneuvers performed in the Parisian sky Russian fighter Su-35S.
The engineer said that he had received «a delight, watching the flight of Su-35s.» Fighter showed sustained flight at angles of attack of 70 degrees and actually in place made a 360 horizontal degrees using thrust vectoring control engines ((reportedly some media, a small radius of the horizontal circle F-22A to 360 degrees at a low altitude of 750 feet or 229 meters — approx. «VP»). At this fighter used technologies that can find application in the development of the next generation of Chinese aircraft.
Ability Su-35S is actually in place to make a 360-degree has a very crucial when doing close air combat, says the engineer, abolishing such common argument to determine maneuverability as fighters radius. This factor gives the other fighter faster take a profitable position for launching missiles with infrared-guided in the «enemy’s tail.»
Understand the significance of close combat and Americans, equipping its F-22 and F-35 guns, because in some cases, only the gun can be used to destroy enemy aircraft. Tang Jansa said that the current time stealth and maneuverability are important requirements for a fighter.
Russian media have confirmed information that our homeland and China hold talks on the Su-35. The question «how important the Su-35 to China?» Tang Jansa said that China’s economic development frisky requests equipping the armed forces with the most advanced instrument. «It would be a great blessing if the Su-35 entered service our military aviation,» said the engineer.

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