Pentagon plans on marine F-35

Pentagon plans on marine F-35
At Le Bourget is a huge number of applications, including on the F-35 program there.
Most notable representative did U.S. Marine Corps, Commander of his aircraft, Lieutenant General Robert Shmidl.
And what he said about the plans Corps at the beginning of the operational manual, edition reports Flightglobal.
Thus, in 2015 it is planned to achieve initial operational capability directly squadron VMFA-121. Immediately after which it was planning to throw in Iwakuni, Japan, in the 31’go Expeditionary Battalion, Marine Corps (31st Marine Expeditionary Unit).
In the same year 6 cars squadron will be deployed on the amphibious assault ship LHD-8 «Makin Island», a new type of ship «Wasp». The first time «Lightning II» will change in the composition of the mixed air group UDC standard aircraft «Harrier» and will be operated in conjunction with combat helicopters AH-1Z, transport CH-53 and UH-1Y and MV-22 Tiltrotor.
Against the background of «pragmatic» plans worked out in detail and two other concepts that I think will be implemented at a time. 1st — deployed on UDC Air Group of 16 F-35B and 6 MV-22.
When this «Osprey» will be equipped flight refueling systems and will serve not only transporters, and tankers for «Lightning II». Refueling complex for MV-22 plan to test this summer. With these abilities UDC not only compared with light aircraft carriers (first course worth remembering LHA-6/7), and begin to exceed them.
Taking into account that for the F-35B Marines prepared to complement the complex airborne electronic warfare (which according to the head of the ILC, General D.Amosa provides «about 85%» abilities EA-6B «Prowler», the newspaper writes Defense) to Besides hinged container (s mind like a cannon, but with electric inside), the Yankees’ full of happiness only lacks at least AEW helicopters. What was still a wonderful project …
Pentagon plans on marine F-35
AEW helicopter. What was still a wonderful project …
Second concept — deploy and test the air group in a very enhanced configuration — 20 aircraft. In principle, the largest capacity of the ship is 23 aircraft, but because of the tightness will be virtually impossible to do vsepolnotsenno flights.
Even in such an embodiment, the ship devoid helicopters will depend on escorts for him in any case be necessary transport and search and rescue vehicles. Yet as an option as a small kernel (by the standards of the U.S. of course) AUG in low-intensity conflicts will certainly need to try this — and built for itself «America» ​​/ «Tripoli».
Was also voiced and optimism about further lowering prices fly — «Osprey» — Lowering the price of flying hours by 20%. Rely on this parameter equal to the F-35A Air Force, says Flightglobal.
Just appeared in more information on experimental tests on the F-35C aircraft carriers — the report of the Senate Committee sounded — summer 2014, the notional date «June 30», perceive the role of the two sides of the SDD-Test Center in Patuxent River.
One of these boards will develop a new (regular versions already) hook and landing gear this year (and will take appropriate tests) later this year. Second, the results — in the spring of next year, before the deck tests. The ship is not defined — as mentioned earlier it will determine the last moment «which will be at hand.»
In another place, but at the same time it became clear about British plans — 2020 British plan to order for 48 Air Force and Navy F-35B. At this point «on the wing» three cars, two already in the Learning Center at Eglin.

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