Permit stamp for traveling abroad will not be canceled?

In almost all passport offices staff advise citizens to issue permit stamp and further — up to 5 years.
"I paid 155 thousand rubles and extended stamp for 5 years"
Emperor Peter has recently extended the stamp at checkout for 5 years.
"I came to an end in February stamp to travel abroad. At the passport office I was recommended to extend it. I paid 155 thousand rubles and extended stamp for 5 years."
In OVIRov situation with the expected cancellation stamp not comment, but continue to execute it.
That recommendation of employee citizenship and movement of the Central district of Minsk:
"If you plan to go and ask the embassy, it is reasonable to extend the stamp."
It should be noted that the embassy does not issue visas in the passports, in which the term of the permit stamp least 3 months.
"At the present day no official no disk imaging"
So cancel permit stamp? Head of the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Catherine Samusenkova-Shelehava definite answer this question gives:
"At the present day no official infy no."
Reporter: "And if it is?"
Samusenkova-Shelehava: "If it is, we will inform the population and for all."
By the way, in July, Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov told journalists once again stated that the exit stamp cancel planned from January 2008.
Just a year ago the citizens of Belarus Ministry of Internal Affairs has recommended not to issue an exit permit stamped in all countries World over for two years.
I recall that on a motion ex-member of the House of Representatives Parfenovich Constitutional Tribunal decided to cancel the permit stamp in September 2002.
It was planned that it canceled in 2006, then moved stamp cancellation period at the beginning of 2008.
At the same time supposed to cancel and so called "Date-stamps" that put guards in their passports when crossing of the border. By this time should be created a unified system of accounting people and all border crossings are required to have an automatic control system.
Also must be created a database of persons, the right to leave the area with which the Republic of Belarus temporarily restricted.
"Through stamps government is in control of their own people"
Chief Compliance execution of judgments of the Constitutional Court, Vyacheslav Mow notes that the decision of the Constitutional Court certainly execution.
"Established deadline — December 31, 2007. I read in the press: Naumov accurately states that will be canceled. It’s still October. Read on, that he will not be canceled too early. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Tatyana Protko believes that through licensing stamps Belarusian government is in control of its own people:
"Just for the sake of this they are. As in our country growing trend such control over the individual, since all strains begin to really grow and exist. "
It is unclear to compensate in case of cancellation stamp amounts that citizens have already paid for the formulation of permissive records — some up to 2012. Action die each year worth one base value at the moment is 31 tyscha rubles.
In the adjacent Russian and Ukrainian citizens have two passports — domestic and foreign. Lithuanians, Poles, Latvians, as Belarusians — regular passport with which to travel abroad. But there are no stamps do not require permits.
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