Poland invited the OSCE observers to parliamentary elections

After the meeting with Ambassador Christian Strohal, who heads the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights OSCE, which is located in Warsaw, Minister Foreign Affairs Anna Fotyga said that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the OSCE agreed that the conditions for election observation in Poland."
"The OSCE said that Poland — a country with a measured democracy" — identified Ms. Minister, specifically those words first waiting for the Polish side of the OSCE after Two weeks back the Warsaw refused to accept the observer from this organization.
"This puts us on a par with Third World countries," — then said Foreign Ministry spokesman Robert Shanyavsky. In Warsaw, were also dissatisfied "tone and level of writing, the OSCE sent to the Polish authorities in monitoring the elections." Who changed the text of the letter, and the OSCE emphasizes that the presence of observers at the Polish elections does not mean that there exists a threat to democracy.
Polish opposition from the beginning to criticize the government, claiming that the refusal observers from Poland can be used later by countries such as, for example Belarus, too, so keep and observers cite the example of Warsaw.
Meanwhile salting Strohal regretted that the conflict around the OSCE observation mission was applied Polish politicians in the campaign.

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