Police took from Svetlogorsk communist party membership card

Militiamen been explained that the sovereign Dayneko familiar with Svetlana Mikhalchanka. She had seized leaflets devoted Soc march, and later conducted a search of the house.
Militiamen raided the apartment of sovereign Dayneko, not only in his room, and the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall, also in the basement.
Militiamen took his party card, issue of the newspaper "Comrade" forms with signatures on the nomination of the sovereign Dayneko local council members, of the newspaper "Free idea," a collection of labels, letterheads on petition campaign "For Freedom", the Congress resolution of the democratic forces and other things.
• Svetlagorck: apartment S.Mihalchanki conduct a search, 30.09.2007
• In regions police hunted for leaflets and newspapers, 30.09.2007

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