Poll of Liberty: the Ukrainian elections differ from Belarus?

Reporter: "The Ukrainian elections differ from Belarus?"
Guy: "Not interested in the details, and so do not tell you about the difference."
Lady: "There’s a booming, annoying concerts, which act on the psyche. I believe that it is specially made and already because of this I would not take such. We have also similar to Bangalore, but I do not go there."
Man: "There’s worse, but better here. There are more obscure, but here everything is open and transparent. Though democracy that there, there — are equally not. "
Woman: "Elections in Ukraine is very different from the elections in Belarus, as it is completely other country, completely different people. In Belarus, people are more tolerant and know whom they choose. And in Ukraine, elections are not fair, as in Belarus. But I hope that our brothers and Ukrainians will be fine. "
Man: "There, in the Ukraine, the agitation is more free. Those who elected to have a great opportunity to bring their program from people who show themselves through media of information. Immediately rights of those elected are limited. "
Woman: "I’m not interested in this, since it does not matter to me."
Reporter: "The Ukrainian elections differ from Belarus?"
Lady: "There are more active people. Our less involved in political life, are less interested. Many, probably not very much. But to openly express their worldview People are afraid. "
Woman: "I heard there satisfied that all went quiet, there is no Maidan. And in general, we painters and politics is such a thing that does not go into her hunt. "
Man: "We are all quietly passes without incident — it is basic and the most important thing. And there — wall to wall goes. And if someone does not like something, then go out on the Maidan. And here I am, on the As the last, about this and not beheld and heard. "

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