Poll: Why do people play casino?

Man: "Some of the people who walk into a casino wants to just relax. And usually they know how much money you can throw out there. Vacationed received epinephrine. And there is a certain section of people who rely constantly there to win. This can in principle be . For anyone missing fifty thousand to half a million and someone seems a little, and you need to play on. But those that althought win, should the brakes at a certain time. There’s also all the luck, but only a certain time. And then you start to play from the pocket and take out all the new tools, which is why you need to fit to do. "
Youth"We have not developed a casino, we have people, I think, more play on the machines. The more you win, the more you tighten. And they play, likely since they do nothing else. Although it is curious. And we can look with such parties: time to play, win, and you there is already pulling out of a paranormal reason. I think specifically because of people play. "
Man: "In 1-x, means nowhere to go. A in-2, passion, excitement, there is such a disease."
Youth"It’s just a method to pass the time, to divert their attention from something — from work, from family. This general method of spending free time, I think so."
Man: "The funds have a lot, otherwise they would not have been played, the other options I have no answer."
Old man: "Means unnecessary nowhere to go."
Old man: "fool, that’s why."
His companion: "No, I think that a lot of money, a lot of money from people. Here I am personally not going to play because I have none."
Old man: "By the way, my eldest daughter works in Kostroma, specifically in the casino. According to our measurements Belarus has two million."
His companion, "I am from time to time before walking to the casino, but always lose. Since casino it at that casino and that means suck."

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