Protection of the president — is the vertical altitude

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Zinoviev: "If Padabed" march "frivolous, then remove from the non-lethal weapons flying training boxing gloves. Thank you."
"I think in Belarusian politics still come back and Klimov, and Kozulin and Dashkevich. Thank you."
Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Good morning, Radio Freedom! Somehow the conversation turned on the Protection of the President. So here I thought about it and made this conclusion. Protection president not only in the battalion or regiment, which it officially protects, but also protection of the president — is the vertical altitude. For example, Presidential Administration officials oblispolkomovskih later rayispolkomovskie officials, company directors and managers of organizations with salaries up to 6 times more than those who must obey them. Here’s what the guard at our majestic breadwinner. Thank you. "
Nicholas: "I gorposelkah Ivianiec soon for the fourth time raised the prices for most a cheap bread that about a month back the cost of 830 rubles, and at the moment is 1020. And now the very best personal closed shop" Park, "where prices were lower than the store a general store, in which the same bread costs 1060 rubles. authorities punished not personal shop, and the poor and the elderly.’s wrong. "
Ira Zhytkavichy: "Good day. Worldview I was indignant head geologist Peter Khomich cover about naked ass Belarusians Polessye brown coal. Sovereign geologist said that in general there is no reason to panic, digging small pond, which will with carp. How do I know specifically about Zhitkovichi for finding brown coal is planned to dig a pond the size of more than 3 and a half kilometers in radius and depth of 60 meters.
Geological expression reminded me of 1986, when various bureaucrats and "specialists" to convince us that there is no threat, all the magic, and normal levels of radiation were all encouraging to celebrate May Day. Civilized world in the 21st century is developing technologies for the use of non-hazardous and a cheap energy sources: solar, wind, biofuels, to invest in energy saving technologies. For example, I know in Europe to build homes with such thermal insulation there does not require any heating, even in winter. A stone or brown coal mined in the tremendous fields, designed for implementation over several decades and is not located in such communities and unique natural places like Polessie. Thank you. "
Man: "It’s great that you bring up the subject of history. Indeed, direct attention to it. Very exciting situation with the same poleshukami. Very sad that you have it at a gallop across Europe. Indeed, it is necessary to tell that Belarusians have three ethnic groups. Need to think about it: Lithuanians, and krivichi poleshuki, and what we have on Actually two variants of whiteRussian language: Polis’ky and Krivichi-Lithuanian. And indeed, they are few ethnic group by another method evolved. And the girls in their other. If either kryvichanka Litsvinka blond and fair-haired, then poleshuchki beaten in the main, not long-legged, reddish and black. This should make the whole research as did I’m researching the history of the Belarusians. Good luck! "
Peter M. Zhuravlev: "Good evening," Freedom. "Completed" in September with Danchika. "Personally, I felt great satisfaction of this transfer. Middle of songs that played Danchyk, there were songs on poems by Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha as, for example," How are you with me. "Specifically Sergei written words to Cleophas Oginski Polonaise Michal" Farewell to the Fatherland. "poet with such talent as Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha on my eyes, be honored for at least some, the most educated, the most cultured civilization. But I heard he lives in exile. It turns out that our government nothing — talent, nothing — genius. Overview — flattery and devotion to the regime. Appeal to the "Freedom" with a request to adjust something on "Freedom" meeting with the poet, tell pairs him read his poems. With reverence. "

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