Protocol sent for revision Ivashkevicha released

Ivashkevicha brought to the court after 12 hours. In the structure of the street ZhESa Ostroshitsky in which is judge’s office, attended by salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson, the OSCE Mission, journalists and colleagues of Victor.
Almost everyone expected an hour when the meeting starts. Ultimately lawyer Ivashkevicha had claim any decision from the judge. Through some time policeman escorting Ivashkevicha, explained that the protocol is focused on completion. What flaws were found in the protocol, not told. The policeman said that Ivashkevich may be free — a meeting of the court, also is unclear.
The politician said Radio Liberty"This decision was not an arbitrator, and those with whom he consulted. Seems that top up This time not determine what to do with the organizers of the march "
Observers believe that the case Ivashkevicha may designate the beginning of October, to isolate it at the time of preparation and holding of Euro march scheduled for October 14
Recall Ivashkevicha arrested yesterday on the porch of the cafe "El Tomato", together with the chairman of the organizing committee of the Public march Valery Ukhnalev. They together with 4 friends celebrated day of birth Ivashkevicha. Ukhnalev later released, but Ivashkevich spent the night in the police.

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