Public Editor Liberty Sergey Semenov From Belarus Ukrainian journalism is not to compare

Ulitenok "What reads, looks, listens Sergey Semenov?"
Semenov "Every day doing media monitoring … "
Ulitenok: "Let’s start with the newspapers."
Semenov, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Nasha Niva""Narodnaya Volya. "
Ulitenok: "Next, I think it will be harder — that web browsing?"
Semenov: ",,, websites UCP, the FSA and so on. "
Ulitenok: "Which do Your views, not enough free media? "
Semenov: "Access to government officials and state institutions. They just do not give a disk imaging."
Ulitenok: "And as it affects the quality of the materials?"
Semenov: "Journalists can not impartially assess the situation"
Ulitenok: "A as for municipal media? "
Semenov "Very many friends there say certain things on there at all taboo, and some disk imaging closely censorship. "
Ulitenok: "We can compare with the current Belarusian Ukrainian journalism?"
Semenov: "No. I’m here I see the following. If journalists need to write something, he comes and asks some questions. And if a civil servant refuses, simply drag it to the tribunal."
Ulitenok: "In other words — oh so zapachatkovvaetstsa freedom of speech?"
Semenov: "specifically so."
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