Public Editor Liberty Sergey Semenov: Usually I defend their rights. Any!

Ulitenok: "Sergey, where you trained?"
Semenov: "The Belarusian Institute of municipal transport."
Ulitenok: "How many courses have ended?"
Semenov: "Three intermittently — now davuchvayusya in Ukraine"
Ulitenok: "Why are you so Belarushchyny fallen ill?"
Semenov "Virtually all municipal authorities all documents are in Russian. On Belarusian language no 1st University, even quite a lot of schools. And all this, in my eyes, because the law on municipal languages written or Russian or Belarusian … I would be very pleased to appear subsequent formula: all the documentation is in Russian and Belarusian Russian languages. Now it so happened that in the municipal institution Belarusians can not read Belarusian, in training — too. After all, in the best case, to say "We are not aware of you!" And in the worst rebuff: "Speak to the normal language!" It should not be. "
Ulitenok: "The idea is the government has a file on you — well, such a portrait of another" political thugs. "There is some speculation that the accused for the crime for you" vigilant comrades "?
Semenov: "Surely, I have offended the government’s own civilian position."
Ulitenok: "And what does this mean?"
Semenov: "Usually I defend their rights. Any! "
Ulitenok: "For such pravalyubstva had to pay?"
Semenov, "sits four times, total — 35 days."

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