Public power assist organizers of the march

Chairman of the Party of Communists of Belarus Sergei Kalyakin said that September 30 has collected a few 10’s of thousands of signatures against the abolition of social benefits. Clear yet unidentified number.
Organizers of the "Public march" told that rely on those people, are disillusioned with politics, Alexander Lukashenko, and to behold the opposition perspective.
Says Anatoly Lebedko
"Socialist campaign," Soc march "has merit main inventory puzzles. There must be connected: we are inviting you to discover and we arrive to you. We are inviting for a more active, who transgressed horror and went outside. But we must come to those who have already given up on power, but so far we have not and sees the real candidates. "
At a press conference organizing committee members said they have prepared a letter to the Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov, Minister of Education Alexander Radkov and KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin. Organizers of the action joked that grateful to those for advertising autumn opposition rallies.
Organizing committee members they say that education of pupils and students require written evidence that they will not participate in the "European" and "Social" marches. At the same time reported the date and venue of the shares.
Says Sergei Kalyakin:
"Minister Naumov, Minister Radzkou also chairman of the KGB Zhadobin we are grateful for the strong information support of our work, which they began in the country. This is some nervousness. They do not know how to respond, and their call for action. Their acts occur Makar so that they, in my opinion, do more damage and more power to help us. "
Committee Chairman Valery Ukhnalev said the preparations for the "Public march":
"The campaign will be carried out not only the pickets, but we will continue to collect signatures, go to the Chamber of deputies, shake them to change their activities.
We will write the proceedings in the courts for illegal acts of the police authorities. Will appeal to the prosecutor’s office, all the authorities. We will send an open letter to policemen, KGB officers, that raise this wave. "
October 2nd session begins the House of Representatives. Opposition activists want to submit the signatures to the deputies, that they did not perceive the law, which frees the social benefits of vulnerable people.
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