Published a book on Alexander Kozulin — Detainee President

The presentation of the book about his father Olga Kozulin came after a visit to the Consulate Office in Belarus, which is transmitted through a complaint to the UN Committee on Human Rights.

"We talk about that in the beginning it was a politically motivated decision, based on which my father planted on 5 and a half years. We demand that the UN Committee on Human Rights will be given priority saw this complaint., We demand that it immediately released. And the third — we demand to fill the moral damage — 2 million euros, "- said Olga Kozulin.
According to Olga Kazulina, it is still a small amount considering the suffering that had to postpone her father, former presidential candidate and a citizen of Belarus.
The last member of the House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets which together with Alexander Kozulin certain time serving his sentence in prison "Vitsba-3", says about critical health condition of the former presidential candidate.
"I have clear information from him. He prepyadstviya dental enamel leaves, problems with the stomach and brain circulation. It effects 53-day hunger strike. Exit from this state is unrealistic. I believe that slowly kill him there."

In the published human rights activist Aleh Volchek and Raisa Mykhailivska book "Prisoner of the president" includes materials public commission "Freedom to all political prisoners and Kozulin of Belarus."
In the book — Kozulin speech during the presidential campaign in 2006, the preparatory materials of the criminal investigation here Chronicle trial politician.
Creators have compiled a list of 86 people who directly or indirectly related to the criminal case against Alexander Kozulin. Among them and the police, and special forces, judges and prosecutors. However, as noted Olga Kozulin, the list is still missing 1 person, on whose order Alexander Kozulin and ended up behind bars.
In a series of "independent investigation" are already out of the newsletter "The March of Freedom" in 1999, about the catastrophe in Nyamiha about the missing politicians. The presentation of the missing wife of Viktor Gonchar, Dmitry Zavadsky and Krasovsky.
Ira Krasouskaya in an interview with "Freedom" reads books about the importance of a series of "independent investigation."

"I believe that this is a very useful thing and cancel, so people Belarus does not have quite a disk imaging on what is happening with those people, who try to resist this power. "

Human rights activist and coordinator of the commission "Freedom Kozulin and all political prisoners in Belarus" Volchek believes that the issue of political prisoners and disappeared in Belarus so far remains very topical.
Former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to five and a half years in prison on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Policy held in prison since March 25, 2006. In the colony Alexander Kozulin held a 53-day hunger strike, which affected his health. "Amnesty International" prisoner of conscience recognized Kozulin.
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