Quit drinking: do undermine the economic foundation of the country

Mail that we receive in these autumn days, brings letters with messages about the daily life of students, "Freedom", in thought about what worries them, excites, amuses and disturbs.
I’ll start a conversation with current posts Ira Tsimoshyk from Minsk.
Listener directed attention to the message municipal ONT September 24 that the Belarusian health resorts trips to redeem the citizens of Russia and the Baltic States.
Ms. Tsimoshyk writes on this subject:
"Okay, what permits acquire Russians and Balts, otherwise these would be empty motels. Indeed most of the Belarusians to buy from their own family budgets such tours can not. It’s not cheap, although it is about our Belarusian health resorts with not the best service and the most highest prices.
What to read about intimate or distant abroad? For 80 per cent of such relaxation and healing is not available. Even in hospitals have to stand in line two to three months to obtain a pharmaceutical function.
And the Russians for their work in getting a couple of times more Belarusians. Because they have the opportunity to rest and heal, because the price of tickets to the Belarusian health resorts at the moment is similar for both Belarusians and for them. "
One time in Belarus tried to experiment with different prices for hotel services and holiday homes for their own people and foreigners. The principle of the market completely.
If a product is sold below cost, the trader such product at some point be ruined (unless the loss will not be compensated from any other source, in this case — of the Belarusian budget). What happened in Belarus and with many holiday homes, summer camps, community hotels Russian standard with their unobtrusive service and "amenities" on the street.
Created subsequent letters Alexander Jackiewicz from Vitebsk, he recalls of more than two decades ago, their complex cases with the Russian regime:
"For a creative person, if you are living in the midst of people who are left alone — the situation is complicated … Fact, that have no income, no job well and tribute …
If you get this record — raises the question: how Russian power in the late period of psychotropic medications used to land in jail not for political reasons, as the offender …
I at one time with the 1974 to 1984 served from bell to bell. And not verbally know what "spirituality" there. It has long been my bones would Salduls Verhnyakamskay in the taiga, as sure, and many others. I do not know verbally what a psychiatric hospital in the institution UZ 15/1 …
Go with youth at the moment — not the health … Very well recognized, which means promise and not fulfill.
Remembering his time and his adventures there, I come to the conclusion that I bailed out what atonement Andropov and that well developed intuition. Then the whole system "zatsiharylasya" and gave it a failure. And because the KGB’m not exactly, though I am sure that he was a huge number of atrocities. All rots from the head …
Now here magnify the issue of corruption, but never they say, it’s a fight with yourself first. And as such we who understands it?
…That respect for the Young — do not drink and do not smoke. I have never smoked and drink tossed in 56 years — do "undermine" the foundations of the country. Even beer did not receive, and found the strength within themselves. This is a typical art. And work on yourself! Although heart two prostheses, and many creative ideas — it seems to whole world enough. Only fools would be less, and more money in the pocket. "
I drew attention to the part of your, sire Jackiewicz, letters, in which you state that refused alcohol. Ironic remark about "undermining" the foundation of the country — the joke in which a lot of bitter truth.
The current Belarusian economy in almost all held specifically for "intoxicated" rubles — for continuous and uncontrolled growth of production and consumption of beer, vodka and alcoholic substitutes that manufacturers call "fruit and berry wines", and people — "ink."
By the president held a special meeting, the bureaucrats boast that the creation of beer annually grows by 50 percent. They put task to create more and more new production.
A meanwhile for eight months of the year only in Minsk clinic "ambulance" delivered 22 thousand poisoned alcohol. The department taksykalegii clinic ambulance calculated that such patients, they are now in a month as much as it was the middle of the 90th year.
Doctors even offer to take money from such "unhealthy" — 100 thousand rubles per day. Yes just do not understand what happens simply collect Recently Dollars in such people, usually go for a drink.
Letter from the German town of Sagan, from our listener Ivan Khokhlov, signed as "guest worker". Living in Germany and meeting with witnesses and participants of the last war, Ivan often thinks about its causes and consequences:
"One of my friend in davneshny time spent three years in a POW camp near Moscow. He once asked me if I was a retired general, "Why Russia is almost always threw our own fighter guns without artillery barrage?"
It was hard to explain the essence of the old one the Germans Soviet communist reality, where human life is not worth a dime. Million there — a million here: what’s the difference? Stalin had figured 9 million victims of the Russian side, Khrushchev raised the figure to 20 million; Gorbachev already figured 28 million. As a matter of fact? Who knows?
Involuntarily zadumaessya why Germany, which waged war on the tremendous expanse of, and in Africa, and Italy, and on the Western Front, and all the seas and oceans, Germany, whose town was completely destroyed by the Anglo-American air force, has lost 11 million people and our homeland, fighting on only one front — 28 million? "
So, sire Crest, Stalin handed marshal Star General so that would save their own fighter, and those without thinking threw people on the enemy guns.
Since the victims are not numbers: important victory was the result of, not the amount of human life, the provisions for those stormed the town, village and nameless mounds.
So it was not only during the war. All so called "Gains of socialism" based on human sacrifices adjective servile work on the humiliation of the people, millions of whom were in the camp stsertyya dust on construction sites cyclopean communism.
At the end of a letter from the village of Nikolai Volchyka Zinovij Pruzany region. Student reflects on some features of the mass consciousness:
"The official ideology with a massive apparatus of officials and the media is doing its, so to speak," Democracy in Belarusian. "Indoctrinate the population increases.
So, if the information reached the listener and forced to ponder — is excellent. But when she took possession of the mind — it is very bad. But do not get bored Belarusians consume incomprehensible numbers and depraved facts of life of the Fatherland. Well, is not willing to Belarusian truth of life, he had grown accustomed to the negotiable!
Being limited to one funny day, and tomorrow — well, not worse. Public relations festivals "bread and circuses" fueling optimism and lime make unloading negative emotions of everyday life.
Surprisingly, but most people do not need a national idea. Low wages contribute to the development of the shadow economy. More and more urgent problem of welfare than do not absolutely clear ideas. People believe in the good uncle, the chairman, in the end, to the Father. He people, obedient, very satisfied with his defamation of opposition figures.
How much time is needed, that he was born anew? Certainly, young people will be difficult to accelerate this process. Real component while, in my opinion, meets Belarusian. So, many thanks to the youth movement. B
elarus will certainly be a very different, and certainly in the family of European civilization. "
Certainly, sire Volchyk should not generalize. Belarusian society, as though what else — a different, a different look at life and svetavsprymannem with contradictory attitude to power and development paths own country.
Another thing is that to freely express their thoughts in the present Belarusian criteria are not always harmless, because many people do not read or what in fact think, or they say only what fits, so to speak, "general band."
This applies not only to any official stands, meetings and publications, but in some cases and all sorts of personal discussions on the street, in the queue for public transport.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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