R.Sitnitsa: Government at some point face-to-turnover state culture

Not so long ago in the resort town of Nida on the Curonian Spit that in the Baltic Sea, was an international literary plein air. It was the role of poets and painters from Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. Midst creators representing Belarus, was a painter and Gregory Sitnitsa.
"Nida — the standard of how people should treat their own starasvechchyny"
Michas Scoble: "Gregory, plein lasted 6 days. According to the Old Testament, such as for Time was created the world. And that was created en plein air painters and poets of the 3 neighboring states? "
Sitnitsa Gregory: "We also did a small private world of comfort, peace interviews, friendship, dabrazychlivastsi. Indeed, the creator was arranged a lovely welcome, took care of everything Lithuanian Writers Alliance and funded by the Lithuanian government plein air.
Memories from Nida — the best. In general, Nida — the standard of how to relate to their own historical and cultural heritage. Wherever I happen, I look to the way people relate to their own starasvechchyny. Unfortunately, these comparisons are not in our favor. Nida — the former fishing village, but now there reserve. This sand dunes, pine trees, that sometimes resembles a landscape ishaplyanetny landscape. Houses so there are inscribed in the landscape! It is evident that Prof. painter developed one style, and said all should Nowhere in this style to match. And because everything is in one color politrila. And if you want to build on the checkout supersuchasny building, then be razlyubezen — follow this style. For example, in the modern church Nowhere worth very perfect shape, fully inscribed in the landscape. I looked closer — and it is covered with reeds. "
Scoble: "We have such a church would be covered metal shingles."
Sitnitsa: "We and cover. Catholic church of St. Joseph, One of the most of old buildings in Minsk, which was once covered with natural tile, presently covered iron, made "perfect." Not many things from him decide to make the hotel a five star. Well, I have no analogues in the world do not know, here we are in front of the whole planet. "
"Lithuanians are asked to read the poems in Belarusian and understood our poets without translation"
Scoble: "If you look at a map, the Curonian Spit, where adbyvaavsya plein air, resembling the sword that hero-smith with an anvil dropped tempered in sea waves. Indeed, Belarusians, Lithuanians and Poles can be called brothers in arms, as we have previously lived in one state and collectively defended by opponents, and no problems understanding each other. As in the open air — or contradicted three different languages, three different cultures? "
Sitnitsa: "I have been in various countries at various art events. Plein Nowhere And I really liked his own warmth, sincerity. Gathered people actually unfamiliar, but as it turns out, close friends. Each country had 10 people — 5 Writers and 5 painters — a total of 30 people participating. Belarusian literary squad were Nyaklyayeu Ales Pashkevich, Boris, also vi-Belarusian Tatiana and Oleg Sapach Ablozhei. artistic side — Alexey Marochkin I Gennady Drozdov, Catherine Sumarev. Among other States were also presentable delegation. Suffice it to recall that in the open air participated Writers’ Union Chairman Marek Vavzhkevich.
Me in the open air always I was thinking: what is very hard Can politicians trivial manages creator. And no problems does not appear, nothing we did not share, all we had in common. During the plein air we were visiting an old order artist. By the way, a very fascinating man of destiny. By the second world war he served for many years in the Gulag and wrote in his own work all the torments of hell, through which passed. His house — beautiful museum of ethnography and arhealegii. Painter offered us unprecedented for us amber vodka (incidentally — a nice drink) and then asked us to read his poems in Belarusian. And I read the poem. And he realized without translation Poles and Lithuanians. Here is just one shtrishok, which indicates that the open air generally understanding. "
"Praise his native civilization — never shameful"
Scoble: "I realized that the creative process was in place specifically painters strolling on the sketches, so the translation each other. The Belarusian side in the open air took the role poets who use conventional verse. While the Lithuanians and Poles Are not polls defected to free verse — Free verse. Different creative styles do not interfere with the transfer? "
Sitnitsa: "This whole thing was moving in a positive direction. After all, our creators, our translators only do better than the original, I’m not convinced times. Same happened in Nowhere. Admit it, if it translates Nyaklyayeu, its energy is transferred and therefore creator, which he translates, and which may be nyaklyayaevskay energy, is just not enough. So Belarusian translations have benefited our Polish, and in particular, Lithuanian employee. "
Scoble: "Oh, and love the Belarusians themselves to praise."
Sitnitsa: "And why not praise, if there is something to boast? Well, let them try to translate Lithuanians neklyaevskoy poem" Polonaise "- with its rhythm, rhyme, energy. It’s very difficult."
Scoble: "And they say that Belarusians — moderate … I talked with some participants of the international literary festival" Month author’s reading, "which This year held in the Czech town of Brno. They in one voice: "We, Belarusians, Czechs amazed with his talents …" And if you still do without samavskhvalennya: Nowhere than the Lithuanians and Poles amazed Belarusians? "
Sitnitsa: "I will continue to boast.’s Nice. Especially since — wave is not himself, and his native civilization. This is the casenot be shameful. If we were going nowhere for evening meetings with soft drinks, then eventually came to songs. Here chants Belarusians really have no equal! Lithuanians still somehow three or four songs remembered Poles — one or two. Well, enough of Belarusian songs almost overnight! At the same time, with the commentaries. "That song," Bulls "- our ancestors moved to the Crimea for salt. A Song" Kupalinka "spyavalasya on Midsummer …" All that we are not just amazed, just stunned and Lithuanians and Poles! And every time we were asked to repeat aaplet. With pleasure that we did. In general, where any case, this "nail" applets I try to use fully. This is referred to — know ours! "
"To conduct open-air art should help the government"
Scoble: "You once a year in the art open-air uchastvuesh abroad. And there it is — one of the most striking manifestations of cultural life. Often arranged like open air in Belarus, and how they differ from zabugornyh?"
Sitnitsa: "Unfortunately, we are completely open air often. In most cases, I have to be in Poland — there once a year, 10’s, if not the most diverse plein weave. They are arranged in the monasteries, in other unusual places. For example , internationally recognized director Krzysztof Zanussi holds personal plein-villa near Warsaw. And what we have? We have plein Jazeps Drozdovich which annually spends Vitebsk painters union "Pursuit." Held once a decent name Witold Byalynitsky plein-Birulya Mogilev region. It is held at the municipal funds, and he — the Belarus-Russia: occurs in the Mogilev region and in Russia, at the Academic cottage. plein This is not a bad financial support, and thank God that the Government considers it necessary to support it. I wish that so organized and such open air in honor of Napoleon Orda, Valentia Vankovich, Vitaly Tsvirko. This could be a massive open air. But it should help the government. "
Scoble: "Victor Karamazov, which is heavily done much to perpetuate the memory Byalynit
skogoBiruli, said that some foreign painters left Mogilev plein air in a symbol of protest against officialdom which reigns there. Coupled with the state using the open air comes officialdom. How to be here?"
Sitnitsa: "Yes very simply. Government (like neither was it — our) should become more cultured. And the manager plein air, which is appointed by the State, should be educated, cultured man. Government should bother about your own state’s prestige."
"Turn to the public values — the only way to keep the government and ourselves"
Scoble: "Gregory, I remember one of your graphic work: cross with charred embers on the steps of the metro station" Nyamiha. "And it was written for 5 years before the crash, when the same steps killed 53 people.’s Like you anticipating failure. In connection with this matter. denkov turn on BT — and there reklyamuetstsa magazine "verb" — shelter disloyal to power writers. A few days later on the same BT — excellent concert of Belarusian songs on words Gennady Buraukin, Nile Gilevich, Vladimir Niakliaeu. And now — indicating the creators, which usually does not happen. Again the same — on days of the decision to grant Minsk streets names Lew Sapieha and Yankee Bryl. you believe that this power is finally facing the state turnover culture? "
Sitnitsa: "I am convinced that the government at some point face-to-turnover state values, because it is the only sensible way. This is the only option to save the government and ourselves — as ordinary civilized people. Amuses me very much that there will be streets that will carry the names of our most outstanding statesmen. But these streets should not be in the Robin or Shabani. Yeah, it’s a different story.
Has long been the municipal media should pay attention to is the best literary magazine of the country — "verb", even though it is not municipal. Municipal his example should be taking.
As for the songs … Well, how can you not call the creator of the song "Yanka Kupala" — Vladimir Niakliaeu? This state anthem of poetry! How can not call Gennady Buraukin — creator 10 s song hits! From time to time a man who had not shaved for a long time, walking overgrown pagolitstsa suddenly, all at once notice the change — look, man has become! So maybe our state. But nothing unusual is not here. This — the norm. "
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