Red Army righteousness Neuzh something only the fun that a lady?

"Nasha Niva"In 1907, inform campaign in Minsk province: "From small Russian Landowners selected 118 priests from Poland — 88 hours, including 12 schotu priest. candidate in the Duma" truth Rusko "put Gustav Schmidt, Lutheran, which gives charnosotsennuyu newspaper" Minsk Word. "learned not so long ago that this was once an officer Schmidt sold fartetsy plans (plans of fortresses), the Germans or anyone else for this newspaper … "Outskirts" proves that Gustav Schmidt allowed to the polls. "
"Voice of the People", year 1917. Gomel "organ of socialist thought" prints a letter to the editor: "Assuming that the activities of the Union Georgevskih boyfriend does not match its status and treats kontrarevalyutsyynuyu colorful coloring, I first convinced the importance of this alliance, which can raise boegatovnasts Revolutionary Army, later realized his mistake and declare their withdrawal from the Union Georgevskih Cavaliers. Fokin The volunteer georgevets Jehuel Katznelson. "
"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1927 discusses the dismissal of the city: "No, certainly, can not and does not prohibit play and spend time with a lady. But why always with a certain uhilchykam Why not look at the woman as a friend? .. Is it just that Funny, that lady? Why not use different public places? For example, very curious to attend the tribunal, where the processes are often instructive. "

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