Reddish church prayed for teachers and Belarusian Writers

Mass in the parish church of reddish arranged rector, priest-master Vladislav Zavalniuk. He said:
"Today we also pray especially for teachers. Thanks to everyone who really gets this foundation in the education and development of our people. Among us very pochetaemy sovereign Ryhor Baradulin our recognizable poet, who, for his possible love for the fatherland through God, through spirituality. And we come together in a spirit of prayer with all the masters words, all the poets and writers of Belarus. God bless, that language was unblemished, in different values of net. To assist in the formation of the word through the people. "
After the Mass, which ended with the anthem "God Almighty" accomplished presentation Gregory Baradulin 5 books. Presented their PhD, the originator and editor of books poet Alla Sokolovsky. This new edition of "Ksty" book "Being", a collection of translations "exclamations poetry of the East" and the poet’s verses translated into Japanese "Prayer of the wind." Last written in the land of the rising sun, while others were given a reddish church. For the book "Ksty" Ryhor Baradulin re nominated Pope Vladislav the Nobel Prize.
Valyanitsn writer Taras in his speech said:
"Baradulin — the language. Baradulin — a dictionary. Extensive vocabulary. This volcano language, the language field. This baby rap and tremendous lecture. What is the language in general? This outlook, attitude of the people. And if the people of a foreign language suggests, it has attempt to distort people’s outlook, his attitude. And to feel it, to realize it is necessary to read Baradulin. Indeed, in his poetry and outlook and attitude of the people. And the whole history of the people and his premonition of the future. "
At the presentation were also salted Sweden and Chargé d’Affaires of the Land of the Rising Sun. Later took the word Ryhor Baradulin:
"I am very pleased and happy to be in the sanctuary. So fate decreed that I was born in ’35, during the destruction of religion, destruction of everything. And the priest was passing in Ushachi that akstsiv me. Costel was heaven. Kstsiv me under the sky priest. After I gave the fate of most of the highest merit, I was adopted Father Pope John Paul II. And it was nice to hear from the Pope a good whiteRussian language. Our language has been and will live through God, through the Bible. "
Upon the submission of the church reddish poet Ryhor Baradulin signed autographs.
Ryhor Baradulin autographs after the presentation
Ryhor Baradulin thank participants of the ceremony, "all who read his poetry and who have not read"
Speech by the Ambassador of Sweden in Belarus S.Erikssona
Speech chargé d’affaires Land of the Rising Sun in Belarus during the presentation
Ryhor Baradulin at the presentation in the church
The participants of the presentation said the abbot Vladislav Zavalniuk
Valentin Taras Ryhor Baradulin Alla Sokolovskaia at Mass for the teachers in the church reddish
• "Prayer wind" Gregory Baradulin published in the Land of the Rising Sun, 20.08.2007 • Vladislav Zavalniuk priest: "If we did not believe it would not go to Stockholm", 13.02.2006 • Gregory Baradulin nominated for the Nobel Prize, 20.07. 2005

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