Repression of opposition activists marched to the European amplified

September 27 after 10 days of arrest to freedom came UCP Sergei Klyuyev. Sergei commandos arrested on the street and forced to show that in the pocket. For some flyers about the "European march" Man was taken to the police. There he called "fast", since it was the highest temperature. The clinic doctors diagnosed bronchitis and prescribed bed rest. Despite this, Sergei was taken to the tribunal, and later in jail serving arrest.
Favourite games Anatoly Lebedko with his colleagues met at the gate by Sergei bullpen.
"All the same, there are young people who, despite all kinds of obstacles, doing their job. Kluev one of these young people. We with great difficulty there he organized the transfer to Akrestsin. Met him. Litsezreem that fighting mood. Now he has already joined the work in preparing the "Euro" and "Public" marches ".
Anatoly Lebedko believes that regardless of the number of arrested activists "European march" will be a mass action, which will be released 10s of thousands of people.
Now youth activist BPF Ira Smeyan must come to the court of the Metropolitan of Minsk to consider the administrative report, according to which the student teacher training college in the small blame hooliganism. August 17 Il and 15 other people were detained for attempting to Ivatsevichy holds a youth camp. Cases of eight participants in the camp already spotted in the courts, but did not take any of the 1st order. Transferred to the courts dates from October 7 and closer to conduct "Euro march."
Business Mary Rudakovskaya treated September 27, but the woman, like her friends, should again come to the Tribunal on October 9. Marysia expressed their worldview:
"For my part, was an eyewitness. Case moved to October 9 due to the absence of police witnesses. I think this is not the case that the tribunal was moved closer to the" Euro march. "
The situation is commented BPF Youth activist Franak Vyachorka:
"If the authorities really want to understand who bullies and who — no, these courts have held in Ivatsevichy or a couple of days after his arrest. These courts artificially diverted to a" Euro march ", that later in the midst of the repression that we will expected delay and drop our youth. This is such an attempt to keep under control, on a leash of those activists who, in principle, constitute the basis of modern democratic movement. "
In the bullpen Akrestsin Street remain to serve arrest Leonid Novitsky, Lena Smooth, Vitaly Tikhanovich and Konstantin Grahov. They were detained for distributing informational materials and European symbols to action on October 14.
• Activists "BPF Youth" Ivatsevichy police promised to "difficulties", 17.08.2007

• Activist got to the clinic through the prison food poisoning on Akrestsin 28.07.2007

• Malady kept overnight in police 18.05.200

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