Russian fighter T-50 (PAK FA) exceeded expectations developers

Russian fighter T-50 (PAK FA) exceeded expectations developers
Fighter fifth generation was a fundamental step test. In Zhukovsky ended one step test multipurpose fighter T-50, the elements of which are developed Rosteh organizations.
Russian plane 5th generation not only eclipsed the characteristics zabugornye analogs, and showed properties that exceed the expectations of developers, the news service writes Rosteh.
Promising aviation complex tactical aircraft T-50 — it’s a plane, able to perform all the puzzle designed for fighter and attack aircraft and bombers.
Fighter fifth generation invisible to enemy radar, can reach speeds over 2500 km / h and has an artificial intelligence. The aircraft can perform complex operations that were previously not feasible without the intervention of the pilot.
PAK FA made demonstration flights and showed aerobatics. As reported by the testers, the machine does almost all without the help of others, what makes the puzzle pilot. For example, if the release handle on takeoff, the plane itself will switch to horizontal flight. Even in this case, when the pilot is unable to fly fighter T-50 is able to return to the home base and land.
At T-50 system provides automatic detection target. In trim PAK-FA specific integrated transceiver elements on this plane responds to all the surrounding objects, and transmits signals to the pilot of the danger. Main structural elements fighter Rosteh run enterprises. The power plant is being developed by designers United Engine Company.
Canopy and trim make spetsy holding PT Himkompozit. Avionics and avionics, the aircraft meets the requirements of the fifth generation, make the concern «Radio-electronic technology.» Most of the features of the fighter kept secret.
The only thing that is approved by the designers, many characteristics of the PAK-FA surpass South American plane fifth generation Raptor F-22. Russian aircraft speed greater by 500 km / h, the weight of the structure is smaller and the length of the flight even higher.
In addition, T-50 more maneuverable compared with South American fighter. During the hidden test T-50 made more than 500 sorties. The developers say that the first step of the test was successful.
Complex fifth-generation T-50 is scheduled to start mass production in 2015.

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