Russian Su-35s show at Airshow «Le Bourget 2013»

Russian Su-35s show at Airshow
The Russian government allowed the exhibition and demo flights of Su-35s at the International Air Show «Le Bourget 2013» respectively decree posted on the official web portal of the legal disk imaging.
As said the company «Sukhoi» recently, a new functional Su-35s, the European premiere show which will be held at Airshow «Le Bourget 2013», will fly to France the following week. There he will show spices and viewers Interior aerobatics, RIA Novosti.
Order for the role in the flight program there was signed by President Vladimir Putin. With all this technical view of the aircraft will be coordinated with the Ministry of Defense, and the information about its properties will be presented as the marketing passport, according to the website of the Russian Defense Ministry.
«Allow exhibition and demonstration in action at the International Aviation and Space Salon» Paris Aero Show 2013 «held from 17 to 23 June in Paris (French Republic), multipurpose fighter Su-35s after consulting with the Defense Ministry technical aircraft type and subject to the spread disk imaging on his tactical and technical properties in the amount of marketing passport for Su-35S «- the document says.
Failure to follow the relevant bureaucratic procedures «Russian Knights» in July 2012, could not take part in the International Airshow Farnborough International Airshow, held in Farnborough English. Originally fly «Russian Knights» was postponed, as warplanes could not fly to England due to a lack of license, without which from Russia abroad can not export military equipment.
Event organizers later said that Russian aerobatic team in general will not participate in the airshow.
Su-35S — deeply modernized fighter of «4 + +». The aircraft has a reinforced airframe, new engines resettled with thrust vector control, is able to reach supersonic speed without using afterburners, has a new weapon system, 12 suspension points, combat load is increased up to eight tons. Through the use of advanced materials significantly reduced visibility of the aircraft.

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