S.Skrebets: Zubkov arrive to click on Lukashenko

Russian media say that the meeting 2-premiers will be held at the meeting of the Council of Ministers Union Countries, and in the middle of negotiations will be difficult trade-economic cooperation and implementation of the Union budget.
Vice-chairman Commission budget, money and tax policy House of Representatives previous convocation Skrabets Sergey believes that Viktor Zubkov’s visit to Belarus there is a certain intrigue:
"Forced whether Zubkov, who looks very determined compared to its predecessor Fradkov Alexander Lukashenko open the way to the Russian capital in Belarus?. I think, Roman Abramovich arrived in Minsk to ask the price, and Viktor Zubkov arrive to click on Lukashenko.
And since nothing new in Russian-Belarusian relations is not expected. The emergence of a new prime minister, as can already be sure not to change in Russian policy regarding trade energoelementami. Appropriate agreement between Moscow and Minsk signed and Moscow insists on their implementation of mandatory.
A as for Union budget, they say something about it at each such meeting. But significant shift to This time no. "
• Chronology of the Belarusian-Russian relations for 15 years, 28.06.2007

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