Sergei Semenov: Democrats are now working because first century and

Ulitenok: "There is such a thing: closed demstrukturav?"
Semenov: "No. They are very open — so that it interferes with work"
Ulitenok: "Explain?"
Semenov "flap" — "Kazatchkov" misdirected mean. Very hurt! "
Ulitenok "expression" totalitarian government "has become very ordinary. But those germinated roots of totalitarianism and public structures?"
Semenov "Likely — no. "
Ulitenok: "What the Gomel democratic societies — a solid democracy?"
Semenov "many misunderstandings. For example, before the Congress of Democratic Forces, I had a conflict with the Gomel" senior companions ": they were asked to bring young people who would have voted for a specific person. Said lead guys can, but they will vote because they themselves consider it necessary. my business with "friends" instantly became unseemly, if not to use a stronger definition. in youth organizations as such, no. "
Ulitenok: "And what do they eat?"
Simeons’ desire to work! "
Ulitenok: "Did Gomel BRSMu this desire not?"
Semenov, "There. But the official alliance works in the wrong direction. I suggested the cooperative plan — gave up. "
Ulitenok: "Often you hear the spell: Democrats need to find new lines of business, what can it be?"
Semenov "Not new activities on my eyes, we need to find, and — new ways of working. In the meantime, work is because that first century. "
Ulitenok: "And that would suggest Sergei Semenov?"
Semenov "We need to go out and talk to people."
Ulitenok: "Should structures NGOs work with the authorities?"
Semenov "It will not work. Can compromise, but only if" one on one — with a man, but not as a state employee. Just as a person. "
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