Sergei Semenov: One should read perfectly, and second — impressive act

Ulitenok: engaged in political and social life is often referred to activists. How do they differ from the ordinary?
Semenov: I would not call them activists, and ordinary citizens. Citizen not only knows their rights and responsibilities, but also defends them. That, unfortunately, almost ordinary Belarusians do not.
Ulitenok: Perhaps there is in principle: to intrigue public concerns of people living classical scheme — the main wage and family?
Semenov: If the increase in utility prices, this also applies to family and wages. That’s necessary for them to explain what’s happening, as not enough people for an unlimited number of people with a fixed passports Belarusian citizenship. You’ll see something in the heads and variable.
Ulitenok: How do you see any positive dynamics of the "third sector?
Semenov: On-site stand — simply tied his hands and feet. Do not give the ability to evolve.
Ulitenok: Who do you think lives in the prototype itself?
Semenov: The modern expectation is sovereign Kozulin. We look at the monotonous life. Another example of a real fighter — Andrei Klimov. Without such people, as they beat hard. Country needed to fight different people. With different conceptions about the future of Belarus. And, accordingly, different ways to combat. Someone has to fight in the area, someone should read well with the electorate … Well, someone — to act as the two men … Impressive.
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