Shklovsky constituency: the villagers do not go to vote

Members of election commissions of Belynichy th Kruglyanschiny planning to visit the house 10s rural voters, who until This time did not vote. Thus, according to the opposition candidate Gregory Kastusiou, the lists that precinct commissions urgently concluded designated more than 100 villagers.
For example, sovereign states Kastusyou precinct commission in the village Esmony that Belynechey, going to visit the 250 villagers. Here early 150 people voted. Just a list of sites indicated by 499 people.
On Kruglyanschine village Teterin 161 people voted early, and up to 172 voters Commission meets to come back home. A total of 634 sample plot.
Such situations are recorded in the villages of observers Kastusiou spark Staroselie, yes Maschanitse Pavlovich.
Information about the village electoral politics situation given precinct commissions. Belynechey th Kruglyanschine belong to Shklovsky electoral neighborhood.

Tags: elections, vote rigging

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