Soligorsk: Favorit-independent trade union of miners left the job

NPG at the next conference, which is scheduled for the end of November the miners plan to pick a new favorite union.
Independent Union of Mineworkers (NPG) in Saligorsk created December 27, 1991. At the founding conference was only 16 people. But already in 1992, joined the NPG voedinyzhdy 430 people. NPG was elected chairman Nikolai Novik — one of the favorites of the labor movement Saligorsk who worked as a miner in the mine for 22 years.
Nicholas Novik was a member of the City Council Soligorsky intensively worked in the Committee on Legislation. Specifically Nikolai Novikov announced initiative miners on strike, which continued in 1992 a day or 44. After the union was organized hike on Minsk. In 1993 he signed the first collective NPG contract with the employer. 1 hour was reduced working hours for miners. Holidays for those who work underground, was increased to 66 days.
• Miners "Belaruskali" try to protest knit, 10.04.2007

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