Some they say: Let me be put, and will not work!

In Grodno employment service mark: on the 18th of the decree, those who have to make their own content to the state price toddlers called "obligated persons". For their enterprises created "armor", and must come there for employment. And the company such person should take the job during the day. Says Head of Employment Service Alexander Dyamidik:
"From the beginning, we asked 175 people to these" obligated persons "employed 128 permanent job. In the main this is, of course, people who are long time antisocial lifestyle, in fact — alcohol abuse. Anything can happen, it happens to come drunk on the job and here, in the service. We such as when drunk, asks that they were in a normal state. "
The main outcome of Alexander Dyamidik calls 128 people made and work. Other work did not come, they engaged the police: Wanted delivers on the company:
"We have to control about fifty people who are not yet employed, 5 people from their sick — tuberculosis, sweet diabetes, in court at the moment to decide whether they would like incapacitated. 5 people are under investigation, 5 people search. Others — those that went to the company and did not appear there. "
Sovereign Dyamidik notes: these people often no passport, no job book, without which they will not take on the job. So makarom, they have a real help, but not all of its value:

"Decent wages implies not bad equipment, and a drunkard who entrust not bad equipment!"

"And the results show that these 50 people who shy away from the job, unwilling to work. Were some statements that let me be put, and will not work."
Public defender Valery Levonevsky skeptical forced a job parents have taken any kids:
"Decent wages implies not bad equipment, and a drunkard who entrust not bad equipment, which it can in 5 minutes to spoil? Because it likely will be low-paid jobs, even people themselves fail to contain not saying, so pay money for kids. "
Valery Levonevsky emphasizes alcoholism — a severe illness:
"And if a person drinks, and it — to work, well, let the day he would not drink, but all the same dependence it big as a drug addict. Because I do not think that there only social issues here and honey. First it is necessary, depending on the person from alcohol release, and then only read about some work. "

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