Student in Mogilev was reprimanded for demanding lawyer

Eugene Boyko was in the midst of detained 20 activists who tried to make September 8 days of celebration of the Belarusian Military Glory in Forest Park Lubuskie Mogilev.
Midst of detainees had a lot of students of the institute. The next morning the young man is a day or failed to reach Krapivensky field. Policemen dropped him out of the train Mogilev — Orsha.
As said "Freedom" sovereign Boyko, soon after the arrest to the students began to come KGB and talk one on one.
To him personally addressed student from the Faculty of Foreign Languages Ales — asked to attend during a conversation with KGB officer.
"KGB Grant that I may not be claimed and, that I left the dean’s office. I refused and started to work for a maid or a public attorney representative. Then KGB officer said that talking does not work, and did not read Alesya "- said Eugene Boyko.
Yesterday, the student said that he was given a reprimand for improper behavior by the dean of foreign languages. Served as the basis for punishment Tipo memo dean of the faculty. Document guy did not show, but acquainted with the order.
In historical faculty dean confirmed "Freedom" that reprimand the student hassle taken out. The reason for the punishment was considered inaccurate student behavior in the dean’s office of foreign languages.
"No policy is not here. He broke into the office when there debating, and began to achieve something. General in Jaunty bad behavior, and often conflicts with teachers," — said the dean.
Eugene Boyko has no problems with studying. He says that his average score — six. He has gaps, and now through the reprimand he worries that he may be expelled from the institute.

Activists forced off the train Mogilev — Orsha, 8.09.2007 • Arrested the celebration days of military glory in Mogilev on the loose , 8.09.2007

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