Students wishing to change the law

In Minsk office of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee held a meeting of students. They decided to form a group activity which will collecting signatures for to make configuration law that cancels benefits. BHC member explained Tatiana Gatsura:
"Citizens Republic of Belarus have the right legislative initiative. For this it is necessary that 50 thousand people so wish, putting his signature on the bill or make some configurations in the bill. To these 50 thousand signatures collected, good work group that regitsya the CEC. And she be more than 100 people. "
Students Minsk universities decided not to commence until a campaign to recall the House of Representatives who voted for the adoption of the law on abolition of privileges. Tatiana Gatsura said:
"Having examined the legislation, which is very complicated to recall a deputy, we have decided that it is a political action. Reviewed deputy — it is still more than a politician. And, in-2, it will be very hard to do, since we were just really look at how many people are going to protest. It is very such a lengthy procedure. And we decided not to disperse its forces on it, and do what fundamentally can assist students. "
Students propose that configuration to the law, to be eligible for a reduced fare for a year once a day. And not only on weekends and during vacations.
Student of the Belarusian Institute of Culture Natalia Chygorskaya said:
"The main goal to return benefits to students — 50 percent discount on the fare. This is our main goal. For me personally, this is an experience that I as a citizen can participate in general affairs in the country. And expand the information in the midst of my friends that they are your voice that can contribute to provide the best for yourself life. "
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