SU-35 VS F-35. «UNCLE clubbed CHILD»

SU-35 VS F-35.
Is it more secretive South American combat aircraft F-35 easy prey for the Su-35? Some believe that this is a true statement, writes July 26.
In July 2008, was simulated air combat role Su-35 mixed fleet against American fighters — F-22, F/A-18 Super Hornet and F-35, where the latter was «beaten with a truncheon as a child.» Simulations were performed on the basis of Hikam USAF in Hawaii, which witnesses were very small, four representatives of the Air Force and Military Intelligence Australia. Australian Parliament MP Denis Jensen (Dennis Jensen) with knowledge of the case said that the process of «highly classified modeling» F-35 was «mercilessly beaten fighter Su-35.»
Company «Sukhoi» Su-35 is like a fighter of the 4 + + with some signs of the fifth generation, in other words with stealth features. His ability to shoot down a stealth aircraft in almost all supermaneuverability determined. Very expensive Western fighters find themselves in the role of «plateaus» for rifle fire.
Powerplant Su-35 allows you to do all kinds of complicated maneuvers, including «Pugachev’s Cobra», «Frolov Chakra» and unprecedented «pancake» (Pancake — horizontal spread is actually in place 360 ​​degrees without loss of speed — «without loss of speed» is incomprehensible statement — approx. «VP»).
Western analysts have assigned great significance superagility, believing that in the actual combat stealth is more important than maneuverability. Stealth is a parameter that is a fighter with «at any time of day in at least some.» Managing business software company Northrop Grumman Pete Bartos (Pete Bartos) states that stealth was a major requirement for the development of the F-35, and therefore it does not need the highest maneuverability.
But a notable military source Defense Industry Daily writes that «stealth is very useful, but it’s also not invisibility cloak Harry Potter.» Indeed, the U.S. Air Force fixated on stealth, while the theory is developed in continuous air combat. «In the 1940-1950-ies were initially height values, later speed, maneuver and firepower. From the third and fourth generations of fighters values ​​shifted to speed, then maneuver and eventually maneuverability. It’s like a knife in the pocket of a soldier, «said in an interview with Aviation Week chief test pilot EDO» Dry «Sergei Bogdan.
Aviation expert Bill Sweetman (Bill Sweetman) states that those maneuvers that showed the Su-35 at the Paris Air Show, can not be taken for factor advantages in the air. «Moreover, these maneuvers are not aerobatic stunts. Unpredictable motion flight line fighter might disrupt missile guidance algorithms enemy fighter himself can bring short-range missiles with a high probability of defeat enemy aircraft, «said the expert.
The F-35 is one hundred percent depending on their own stealth and prefers not to get involved in a dogfight near («stabbing» — knife fight), where he will be very vulnerable to the Su-35. Russian fighter has a huge arsenal of deadly weapons, over-range and, of course, the famous super-maneuverability, which became the hallmark of the Su-27.
Sergey Bogdan, recalls that in 1989, the Su-27 performed «cobra»: «The rapid change in velocity can disrupt tracking Doppler radar gun control enemy fighter. Maneuver even more effective on the Su-35S, since then maneuver the pilot can bring the plane in any direction. «
Bill Sweetman says that tactical advantage perform «Cobra» is that no matter what the rocket class «air-air» is «intellectual element», which foreshadows where is the goal after some time, but not in the case of the «cobra». «If the enemy plane flies with unpredictable trajectory and able to change it suddenly and very sharply without losing maneuverability, the rocket will be very hard to hit him,» said the expert. Vigorous maneuvers performed fighter lower effective range of the enemy missile launch, says Sweetman.
To defeat the Su-35 fighter F-35 should come closer, putting themselves at risk in order to be found (the most powerful radar of the Su-35 can do it completely, much less the plane has its own arsenal of long-range missiles most air combat with a range of 400 km of development » pennant, «which is a world record — which refers to the rocket, the source did not specify — approx.» VP «).
The expert also reports that South American air combat strategy boils down to three principles — «first found, first shot, first destroyed.» With the emergence of the Su-35, this strategy may be revised. F-35, maybe the first will see the Su-35, but for the introduction of missiles he should approach, and at that time both the enemy will build each other. «In this case, the advantage of stealth is significantly reduced,» says Sweetman.
In close combat, the Su-35S with its uncanny ability to fly at low speeds and at the same time dramatically accelerate to supersonic speeds, is transformed into a hunter. The highest speed of the plane is 2.5 M, range 3600 km, in the configuration of air combat fighter can carry 12 medium-range missiles «Vympel» (possibly refers to SD P-77, various modifications — approx. «VP»). Fighter F-35 can carry only «a handful» of missiles, range is only 2222 km, and its maximum speed of 1.6 M seems reads only the desire to «die quickly.»
In truth, F-35 does not offer the «extravagant possibilities,» in which most of the Air Force needs of the world. In contrast, the Su-35S offers efficiency level fighters fifth generation. Even more frightening for the Western Force will be the event that they now behold the vulnerability of the F-35, when he had not yet entered service, and in fact in some places for 2020 will combat stealth fighter «Sukhoi» PAK FA. There’s still plenty of time, so many Western fighter pilots changed their profession to another, more unthreatening career.

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