Such impression that Putin simply mocks …

Tsigankov"The other day summit Russian press reported that these meetings are very important, not defining. General, we have become accustomed to write something before each meeting of CIS leaders. Whatever caused you what decisions really are worthy of attention?"
Fedorov"Were adopted three concept papers: the concept of reform and development of the CIS, EurAsEC summit — the creation of the Customs Union of 3 states (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), and at the CSTO summit — a protocol on cooperation between the CSTO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization."
Tsigankov"As you know, the Shanghai company (SCO) includes China, Our homeland and Central Asian republics of the former USSR. Can we say that the CIS is more to the East, and our homeland and China wishes to join the SCO has some CIS countries?"

Fedorov"The fact that a significant portion of the CIS countries and is looking to the East, and of course it was before. But I have my doubts on this document. Look, with 6 of the SCO and the CSTO states 5 7 — the same. There is no China, and there — Belarus and Armenia. So — Belarus and Armenia addition to SCO very increment in the military sense the power of this unit? ..
It turns out that either we will spearhead that will be oriented to the West, or we will be the first line of defense against the West. I do not like, but I do not really believe in it. "
Tsigankov"But it is worth recalling that Belarus has not officially announced its intention to join the SCO …"
Fedorov"Yes, but if there is a protocol on cooperation in security matters, means these organizations and will cooperate. Already there have been proposals to conduct joint exercises. Armenia they are unlikely to pursue. Belarus remains?"
Tsigankov"On the proposal of the Russian side, Secretary of the CIS was appointed Director of the outer Intelligence Minister Sergei Lebedev. Once appointed to this position Belarusians — the first secretary was Ivan Korotchenya. Has long been that there is no, or says it’s about a shift in the direction of Moscow?"
Fedorov"Certainly. First, the existence of the CIS Moscow gave its ally realize that they are even "capital" of the CIS was in Minsk. Over recent years this has changed.
Smallness surprising that a man with such a post as Lebedev, went to a place … "
Tsigankov"It looks like a noble faster link?"
Fedorov"Yes. I also think. Though if you know who took his place — Misha Fradkov — becomes even more amazing. Such impression that Putin simply mocks, and mostly from their own.
Was enforcer Rushailo currently enforcer Lebedev. This apparently indicates that the main focus will be in the CIS security. Not military security and migration, transit of drugs, guns, etc. . "

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