Raytheon Company has recently received a second contract from the U.S. Navy in the amount of 80.5 million dollars to create a control system implements JSOW C-1 (Joint Standoff Weapon) to equip deck fighters F/A-18 Super Hornet, reports Ottawa Citizen 21 July.
«JSOW allows fighters to accurately hit the target outside the act of enemy air defenses, the loss of her fighting ability. Ammo has the highest combat effectiveness and is immeasurable value to our military aircraft, «says director applets JSOW department Raytheon Missile Systems Celeste Moore (Celeste Mohr).
Version of JSOW C-1 in addition to the built-in GPS satellite system and infrared guidance system is armed with a radio channel data, which significantly increases its potential. The system is designed to engage moving targets at sea and still be able to destroy stationary ground targets.
«In warfare was used more than 400 of this type of ammunition, cannon stood the test of time. In addition, over 11 years of supply applets JSOW performed smoothly in accordance with the schedule at no extra cost. Instrument has an amazing history of reliability and accuracy, «said vice president of air combat systems Raytheon Missile Systems Harry Schulte (Harry Schulte).
Work on the brand new contracts will be manufactured at the company’s facilities in Tucson (Arizona), Cedar Rapids (Iowa), McAlester (Oklahoma) and Dallas (Texas). Missile delivery will begin in the second quarter of 2014.

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