Supreme Tribunal against the registration of Malady Front

Cassation "Young Front" considered judicial collegium of the Supreme Court headed by Valery Samolyuk.
10 minutes the judges gave to the study materials from previous examination of the case, and later listened to representatives of the "Young Front".
Anastasia Loiko, Cyril and Shemanovich Haretski repeated arguments in August expressed in Minsk city court. They declared that ‘Young Front "only puts the constitutional purpose that the documents for registration of the council of Justice Mingorispolkom comments were taken into account. Refusal to register activists dubbed illegal and explained to political reasons.
The judges deliberated behind closed doors for fifteen minutes and decided to claim "Young Front" against the decision of the Minsk City Court rejected. Also, the judges ruled repeatedly not to take complaints from applicants court fee — this 62 thousand rubles.
According to the representative of the "Company" lawyer Yury Chavusau, judges of the Supreme Court approved almost discrimination activists "Young Front" along political lines.
Lawyer cites appeal Mingorispolkom Department of Justice with respect to the police for registration of applicants and the response from the police, in which it is reported that on these people or get into administrative and criminal cases. "In practice, this recognition in the political nyadobranadeynastsi that the council took note of Justice and denied registration. But viewpoint Law is untainted discredit "- says Yuri Chausov.
"At this point, you can predict that with the same success these boys can discredit other aspects — not only in the right to organize, and the right to education, a fair tribunal to hold meetings, etc." — said the lawyer.
Yuri Chausov not exclude effects made a precedent: the same base power can be used for closing already registered organizations.
Commenting on the decision of the Supreme Court, the representative of "Young Front" Cyril Shemanovich recalled that business a couple of times tried to register, but without result. "Meanwhile, the Penal Code provides for responsibility for his role in an unregistered organization "- saw an activist.
"I am a lawyer. Taught us one thing — it must work in the legal field, but in life we litsezreem completely different. Then what’s happening in Supreme Court, this example. The question arises: Who works there? Qualified lawyers are working there or not? "- Asks Shemanovich.
Activists of "Young Front" claim that they will appeal against the decision of the Supreme Court in the international courts, trials also continue to register a company.
Recall that in the past year to 18 months in prison for his role in an unregistered organization condemned favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich. Criminal proceedings for the same article brought the Young th Jaroslav Hryshchenya Anastasia Azarko, Ivan Shyla. In 2006, for his role in an unregistered organization condemned the four activists "Partnership".
Minsk City Court upheld the decision of non-registration of "Young Front", 17.08.2007

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