Svetlogorsk activist in the apartment police found fertilizers

If the police saw filing cabinet to be independent of the local newspaper "The regional announcements," they have long consulted with someone on a cell phone. But it turned out that padshyvtsy there was only one instance of "Regional news". Nothing else "in the case of fertilizers," the police did not find and not taken.
This is not the first search in the apartment of democratic activist. Shortly before 2006 presidential election apartment sovereign Maslyukova police found "weapons and drugs."
At the end of last September Telman Masliukov was questioned as a witness in the local branch of the KGB in the case "Junior Front"And the likely involvement of the unregistered organization 17-year-old student Euro Arseny Egorchenko Humanities Institute, in whose house was also carried out a search without a parent in attendance.
September 30 watchmen raided the apartments of PKB Mikhalchanka Svetlana and Sergey Dayneko — they were in favor of the preservation of social benefits for the disabled, elderly and young people.
Gomel: The search is related to the case "Junior Front", 5.10.2007
Courts have been arrested for distributing leaflets, 24.09.2007

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