Tatyana Klimova: The Tribunal held without Andrei

Andrei Klimov wife Tatiana seen her husband in remand, where opposition politician delayed exactly seven months.
The meeting was accomplished few hours after, October 2 as the Minsk City Tribunal upheld the verdict configurations Andrei Klimov.
I recall the former deputy was sentenced to two years imprisonment colony in serious mode for the article on the Web. "Andrew does not commented City Court’s decision to approve the earlier sentence. Took courage. Anyway, he did not complain, "- said Tatiana Klimova.
That’s what Tatyana Klimova told about what they saw in the Minsk city court during the hearing of the appeal against the sentence to her husband:
"Yes, I was there as its patron. Meeting was closed, lasted long enough. Then judge gone, somewhere back in fifteen minutes and declared definition: throw sentence without configuration, the complaint is not satisfied."
Tatyana Klimova said Andrew did not bring to the court and, according to her, and could not bring, because he did not appeal the sentence. "It madeand protection, "- said wife of the politician.
That’s what said Tatyana Klimova on offer to comment on the decision Minsk City:
"I can not comment on the state of our judicial system at the moment. It all clear."
The health of his own wife Tatyana Klimova said that it "has changed." Wife of the politician recalled that her husband’s heart disease, which is deemed to be acquired.
Reversing two months because of this disease Andrei Klimov was in prison clinic and continues to be treated. "Bring it to the meeting with the camera instead of a prison hospital," — said Tatiana Klimova.
Spouse policy is not clear in what colony will send Andrei Klimov for punishment.
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