Tbilisi — a demonstration in support of the arrested minister

Georgian prosecutors want to pursue preparatory Okruashvili’s arrest for two months. Deputy Attorney General of Georgia Nika Gvaramia said that during his tenure as defense minister Okruashvili using his official position made numerous acts of corruption, which caused severe damage to the state.
Okruashvili was born in 1973 in Tskhinvali — the capital of breakaway South Ossetia now. He studied international law and became a lawyer. During the "Rose Revolution" in 2003 and became known joined the team of the new president Misha Saakashvili.
Okruashvili served as Attorney General and Minister of Defence of Georgia. As minister, he was known for his sharp anti-Russian statements and antyseparatystskimi. It specifically it during the crisis around the Georgian wine in Russia, said, that our homelanddo not buy anything, even feces. He also promised to meet new 2007 Tskhinvali.
In November last year President Saakashvili moved him to the post of Minister of Economic Development. This translation is associated with strong statements defense minister and allegations of corruption of some of its employees. Okruashvili, but work as minister of economic development is not willed and a week later resigned.
Recently the arrest on Thursday September 27 at Radio Liberty correspondent asked if he was ready to submit documentary evidence of their own charges in the address Misha Saakashvili, Okruashvili said:
Okruashvili: "As I said, everything has to happen at the appropriate time. Now I want to do positive things replaced in order to continue the war of compromising. But if this is what he desires government, then I’ll be ready. "
Positive steps Okruashvili could not do that, because soon he was arrested.
In Georgia, embraced his detention versatile. Most of Georgia’s opposition parties reacted to the arrest of a former defense minister negatively. Some favorites have stated that this is the beginning latest wave of repression and the beginning of the agony of the Saakashvili regime. Analysts say that given the popularity of nationalist thought in the country, arrest Okruashvili really can cause severe public protest. After his press conference this week did not start with the address allegations of Saakashvili, and with the proclamation of the development of a new movement for the unification of Georgia. Other observers turning their attention that scandalous press conference accomplished after, as it became clear that the prosecution prepares materials Okruashvili.
September 15 press conference Okruashvili said that when he was defense minister, the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili has repeatedly offered him destroy his political opponents.

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