That entrepreneurs are thinking about the strike, which occurs in the center?

Man: "The people currently live with a funny day: now excellent — means well, tomorrow is bad — if you need to change something. Turns out that only every man for himself, and it is necessary that people thought not only for themselves. need to strike, but do it together, the whole republic. "
Man: "We should not go to work, as pressured and pressured. Need at least a month to show that we are not sheep. "
Lady: "One day strike fail. Need at least a month to go on strike. And if we pay tax, and then do not go to work, you will only lose. "
Lady, "do the right thing even defend his own. Specifically, entrepreneurs give us work, and we are grateful to them for that. They relate to us better than municipal stores. So — let them luck. "
Lady: "I’m not that for the strike, but the authorities should know that most of the business does not accept their proposals."
Man: "That’s right do. Just need to get everything together. Indeed, not counting as strikes, more power to anything does not listen, is not going to negotiate, just ignore us all."
Man: "It must be action, so how else will achieve nothing. Necessary power to punish the ruble because another language she understands."
Man: "I do not support any strikes, do not agree. We all perfectly working, nobody can presses."
Man: "You have to go on strike, and we need to support them. Authorities sit down, there is no alternative, but to go on strike."
Lady: "Either way strikes give any results. Necessary that a movement is going to hear our voice."
Man: "It is exactly needed strike because all very complicated."
Man: "Strikes currently very topical, the only — no favorite, organize them some. People are ready to strike, but some even give us the leaflet that we honor, and later create something. A burning favorite, and the favorite was sitting two years in the bullpen, and at the moment there is no favorite. "

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