The European Union considers the detention Ivashkevicha as bad signal

According to her arrest Ivashkevicha "causes great regret."
She highlighted that the event is scheduled on October 14, once peaceful and aims to consolidate the wide circles Belarusian society, supporting the development of relations between Belarus and the EU.
We are pleased that civilian society country sends accurate signal about his own willingness to engage in dialogue with the authorities on the subject, which is the main idea of the march — this idea emphasizes nekanfrantatsyynasts entire project "- said Christina Golyak.
• Protocol sent back for revision, Ivashkevicha released 26.09.2007
• Ivashkevich will be judged for some flyers for the European March, 26.09.2007
• detained organizers "Euro march" Ivashkevich and Ukhnalev, 25.09.2007

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