The Ministry of Justice wants to deal with the female party Hope

The Ministry of Justice shall be removed from the usual comments. But women’s favorite party Lena Eskova, that has text of the statement of Justice states: blame game "in the periodic breaking the law and ignoring the requirements of the registering authority."
Party Chairman Len Eskova — Prof. lawyer. Here is her comment:
"The Ministry of Justice asks some documents to submit, within a day or 1st. And if you do not have time, then immediately write that this violation of the law. ‘Cause I’m in preparation for the trial turned to the arbitrator with a petition to the Ministry of Justice submitted documents capacity of its own employees in the verification of political parties. Since the law has an article on non-interference in the affairs political parties. And we obviously all their arguments represent. "
Lena believes Eskova: eliminate sample "Hope" connected with the desire not to register the authorities "Alliance of leftist parties". Women’s Party, together with the PCB and the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) twice a member of the founding congress of the union: first in Chernigov, and then in Minsk.
Activities of the 1st of the 3 subjects "Union of Left parties," namely the Belarusian Party of Communists, the decision Supreme Court been suspended for six months. Secretary of the Central Lena Skrigan said — now it is the turn of "Hope":

"This is a sign that the regime is preparing for the introduction of voting by party lists."

"I think the authorities are trying to eliminate the structure inside the union to later declare: Alliance has no ability to work. Naturally, with the Union to fight harder than fight with one party."
BPF deputy head Yuri Khadika calls these courts "mopping up party place." And explains why this is done:
"I think the authorities directed attention a pretty brand of women’s party. "Hope" our citizens found very good. I myself am a witness that the election representatives "Hope" gather voices disproportionately own fame.
And this, in my eyes, another sign that the regime is preparing though Krivobok this method, prior to the introduction of voting by party lists. Initially clean all more or less well-known games. And then introduce the vote on party lists, may, if not 50% of parliamentary seats, the 30 percent. "
Today in Belarus officially recorded 16 political parties. Most recently eliminated one of the 2-party "greenish", a six-month suspended the activities of the Party of Communists Belarusian.
• The Ministry of Justice refused to register the "Union of the Left parties", 15/03/2007
• Union of Left Parties will work Lukashenko in the electoral field, 18.12.2006

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