The Pentagon intends to purchase 71 F-35 fighter

The Pentagon intends to purchase 71 F-35 fighter
U.S. Department of Defense reached the preparatory agreement with the American company Lockheed Martin for the supply of fighter F-35 Lightning II second and seventh installment of small batch production. As reported by Defense News, a total difficulties the military wants to acquire 71 combat aircraft.
Fighters will be ordered for the United States, Australia, Italy, Norway and England. In the sixth installment will include 36 small-scale production of combat aircraft, and in the seventh — 35.
Deliveries will begin in the midst of fighters 2014 and mid-2015 respectively.
Clear price F-35 has not been disclosed, but according to the Pentagon aircraft second batch will cost the military four percent cheaper fifth. Fifth game worth four billion dollars to the Pentagon for 32 aircraft. Seventh Party cheaper for another four%.

Pentagon wants to purchase 71 F-35 fighter
F-35 fighter jets will be done in three versions: the ordinary takeoff (A), short takeoff and vertical landing (B) and palbnoy (C). In total, the U.S. plan to adopt to take 2.4 thousand fighters, design, development and purchase of which is estimated at 380 billion dollars.
Given the foreign buyers (England, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Israel and Singapore) plans to collect about 3.1 thousand F-35.

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