The village where the rescue baby showers

Outside the German, in fact — Belarus
Prayazhzhayuchy inadequate past, I always directed attention to the plate with an unusual title for the eyes — "SOS-Kinderdorf". The smallness of knowing the German language, it’s just translate — "SOS-Children’s Village." Later in the subway ad read: "SOS-Kinderdorf» — Orphanage home type — finds moms. "
Almost 15 minutes from the center of Minsk — and taxi stop near the "SOS-Kinderdorf". It can be seen from afar — two 10-ka houses completely Belarusian type lure eyes. The grounds are very common for rural landscapes in Germany. Stream with fountains, neatly clipped trees, manicured gazonchik, klyumby around each house flowers … And — no box. How, by the way, and debris.
Manages the village since 1995 Valery Mihalevitch.
"I’m 12 years worked as a teacher of physical education, 8 years later served as director. When volunteered to lead the project, conceived three days and finally agreed. And not regret ever.’s A lot of trust in the sense of responsibility. And in education — I would like to ceiling grown, many people appeared in education theorists. Which do not work directly with the children who constantly need something to justify. "

Thought international project SOS-Kinderdorf belongs Austrian, sire Gemaeru. It was after the second World War, when there were many orphans and single women. Currently 131 countries are about 500 villages.
Belarus them until the two — in Borovlyany near Minsk in Marina Gorka. Soon to be opened once — in Mogilev.
The essence of education is a set of principles — every child must have mom and siblings, the house and the fourth principle: rustic lifestyle.
According Gemaera, the entire village must be one father in the person of its control, man. But my mother — his own in every rustic cabin. Now try the experiment in Poland — do family "full." Belarus hold ordinary experience. Ordinary and requirements for the ladies who wish to work "mummies": a lady from 28 to 40 years, not related by marriage, who wants to educate kids, wants to give them warmth, love, childhood.
What is lacking in the usual boarding school for orphans?
In ordinary Belarusian boarding is not foreseen. As a result, the lack of family values is a prerequisite subsequent statistics. According to various estimates, the year of independent life for about 40% of pupils are beginning to get involved in drugs or alcohol, 30 become homeless, 20 — Offenders, 10 go to suicide.
A couple of years back the Trust Center "Hope and Salvation" conducted a study in the midst of the graduates of Minsk boarding schools. Results showed that children are not ready for independent living. Getting in previously familiar social environment, they are not able to overcome unusual difficulties live in psyhaematsyynym voltage.
Minsk psychologist Martin Koshel emphasizes that the absence of parents in childhood provokes problems in adult home life:
"People who are brought up in an orphanage, brought up in an atmosphere of anger. And in any case it affects their disposition. Later they come out of the orphanage and behold the own peers who lived in ordinary families. And it is also envy. People who were exposed in childhood disadvantage and lack of maternal affection, with great difficulty expressing feelings of love and affection. It often manifests itself in their anger. "
And what is happening with the grown-up babies in the project "SOS-Kinderdorf"? Here foreseen the creation of so called youth hostel houses format. There graduates village live a couple of years — until they receive education. Emperor knows Valery:
Mihalevitch: "There are adults … not so long ago called our ward had engaged to be married. She is trained to be a psychologist. He works in Radio Engineering Institute. Lovely. I sincerely wish them happiness" … And this situation — is no exception. Made a "children’s village" family really have all the laws of classical family — with the obligations toddlers with discussions about the behavior, with the washing of dishes and food manufacturers.
"I love everyone!"
As thecamping, than to hear 100 times, stands at one point to behold. Sovereign Valery led me to the house where the family lives Svetlana Andreeva. Seven children. 5 beautiful girls and two boys. One for the other less. The oldest — Vic, she’s twelve. The youngest — Katya, her two years old.

When I went, the family had already graduated from morning exercise — senior Vick conducted with minimal gymnastics, later cooperative breakfast. Mrs. Svetlana says that feels happy at work mom. Although the work with orphans and social orphans often very languid psychologically. One of these problems — the latest child’s perception of his own mother.
Svetlana says:
"Katya, Sasha and Nadia — Full orphans, their parents do not have both. Naturally, they remember my mother, but somehow seem to tolerate it. Sasha realized that her mother had gone to another world. And here at Vicky Rai and mother Amy live — they are social orphans. And they have this razdvaenne. It is very languid problem for the child’s psyche. She once called the mood — if more than one year they were here — promised to come and did not come. A very expected … And this perception is very difficult for them — that is the mother of Tanya — and I have. "
It was hard to leave Katya. At the moment it is — beautiful, smiling child with green eyes. And when was born, everything was perfectly neaptymistychna:
"Vychapili her baby home from the Slutsky. Very nice to meet with the local team — they have created a lot for girls: Kate was born with alcoholic anemia — gipatrafiya she had. Other words, she did not get the usual amount of food still in the stomach of the mother."
As a result, Katya was very little hemoglobin. Doctors are not immediately realized what first prepyadstviya — blood transfusion. A girlfriend, as it turned out, was just need to feed. She ate a lot of indescribable. She was then eleven months and ate portions of an adult.
"And when we picked up her empty plate, she sought" Va! "Say, let’s all! And only much later, when beheld, which can be calm down — not take away food, then there was the more slowly and relaxed … "- Says Svetlana.
There are in education and mental difficulties. Eugene, for example, at first very fond lament "ear" mom:
"I try to teach them mutual respect. And when he tried me" yabednichats "always made it clear that this is not the best solution. Which is better and can consult with older children how to be, but not in a" quiet "in my ear … that they were not klyavznikami "…
Sovereign Mihalevitch says that kids who get lucky here, get the most important for the formation of a happy man — childhood. Satisfied that, after the interview, when we all drank tea together, and tried to master the small tape recorder. Small Zhenya first offered to record your own voice. And that’s what we heard:
"I love everyone, I love all people!"

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