The West is a political order for normalization

Drakakhrust: We have already heard from the report Vladimir Glod that This year 26% of voters participated in the vote premature. At the last parliamentary elections it was 17% and 30% of the presidential. How you could clarify here that figure — 26, between 17 and 30?

Silitski: You know — it’s not two or three percentage points, which are characteristic of the natural course of the vote, if the vote is really free and there is no pressure on voters. As in Belarus in 1994-95, when the government did not organize a premature vote. A 26 and 32 — you know, read that there is some progress as 6% decreased the percentage of early voting — do not ask. It just means that more or less practice has remained the same.
Drakakhrust: Vitali, now and throughout the campaign in one of the main topics was recognized — not recognize the elections. Lukashenko said today: "It will be difficult not to recognize someone." Anatoly Lebedko said that the opposition does not recognize. Here we heard V.Svyatskoy, which states that the West does not recognize, and the emperor Kozulin said yesterday that the West might not recognize the elections, but to approve a series of moments and this will give an opportunity to improve relations with Belarus. How is it going? What, as they say, heart calm down?
Silitski: I quite agree with the sovereign Kozulin, all this goes, that it will specifically wording. On the one hand, from the West, there is a political order directly on the normalization of relations with the official Minsk. On the other hand it still has not reached the point that Belarus will turn a blind eye, as for example in Azerbaijan due to the oil and gas business. Will be elected because of some small way to find one denaminatara to find some ground for the upcoming dialogue. And it can be particularly streamlined wording such that the elections undemocratic, but there is progress. And power in a certain sense, it worked, especially making a good picture for foreign observers, though of course they are not stupid and behold the good that there is a campaign materials in hotels and do not have them on the streets, are well versed at this point in premature vote in all other qualities, but you know, here, there are geopolitical reasons, and there are just lethargy from Belarus. And just because the same people in the same criteria currently charged on the search for compromise and to find any, even any, small criterion for dialogue.
Drakakhrust: Vitali, now here too Lukashenko at a polling station, said: "Life today nyadovgavechnae opposition, it remained practically may be several months or years." And what for you sees prospects of the opposition after the election.
Silitski: Nobody’s life is not a long-term and political life — even Turkmenbashi was not long-lived, though a perpetual president. But for the opposition at the moment the challenge — a challenge to that reality conditions change, now there is no longer a situation that they simply perceived as permanent victims in the struggle against the regime. I remember once Seviarynets Pasha, my good companion, threw something in the hearts of the opposition: "You choose among themselves — you fighters do you sacrifice?" And here really need todo itt choice, as it seems to me that the opposition folded specifically those criteria, when the political climate in the country was only slightly better. Smallness, not dramatically, did not end the repression, not changed conditions of the elections, but that there was something a little bit here and the first thing that is gone — it’s full nix about what will happen now with the West. And here it turns out that the opposition in the main foreign policy player, and not internal. I’m not talking here about a number of very active and very capable young people, not only the young who are trying to squeeze out the last of these elections. That is, this company has also shown, but the overall crisis of the genre. The current situation, when the West may not be as principled, pragmatic splitting. It is new for the opposition and here we must already start to play another game.

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