The word order is not allowed in the House of Writers

Organizer "Order the words" Belarusian side Nicholas Sulima:
"I was promised about to sign a contract to rent House of Writers. Moreover, I spoke with the director of housing specifically. He persuaded me that the issue solely in order to set the rates for rent in October and will not be problems. And in Last Friday, when I called to clarify, I was told that the deputy chief Presidential Administration decided that event there will not be held. "
In "Order of the words" for a week perceive the role More than 30 artists of various ages from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine. During the opening of the middle of the other read their poems Adam Globus, Andrew Khadanovich Ales Kamotskii Victor Zhibul Vera Burlak Dmitry cherries, Lyudmila and Sergei Rublevskaya Prilutsky. Will also play group "purse". Opening in Pushkin Library October 2 in 17 hours.

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