Existing fleet of USAF bomber fails to cope with new challenges, when the background of aging American bombers countries such as China improve its air defense system, reports July 27 (article provides with some cuts — approx. «VP»). Failure to do so could ultimately lead to severe military troubles, writes in his own report, available research center Lexington Group and addressed to the Pentagon, a military analyst Lauren B. Thompson (Lauren B. Thompson).
Bombers and do play an important role in actual military conflicts from the Balkans to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Libya. Fleet of heavy bombers far proved very useful in defeating the «various enemies.» Bombers dropped disproportionately huge proportion of ammunition applied all aviation, and the emergence of high-precision weapons allowed them to hit a huge amount of goals in a single flight, funny day and NIGHT MODE, in clear and not a good weather.
Languid bombers is definitely a versatile and cost-effective tool. Their major advantages are enormous range and weapons load. These features allow them to perfectly adapt to changing conditions, better than tactical manned and unmanned aircraft. For example, the B-52 was created as a high-altitude bomber with nuclear bombs, then reclassified aircraft capable of overcoming the enemy air defense system at low altitudes, and now he’s functional strike aircraft — carrier cruise missiles.
USAF bomber fleet until quite effective, continues to age. In their structure, there are 76-52 Stratofortresses (mean age 50 years), 63 B-1 Lancer (28 years) and 20 B-2 Spirit (20 years). Any of these bombers can deliver to a range of 6,000 miles or more without refueling (approximately 11,000 km — approx. «VP») multi-ton combat payload in the form of ordinary and precision-guided munitions. B-52 is the only carrier of cruise missiles, the B-1 — the only supersonic bomber, the B-2 — the only undistinguished bomber. But they are faced with an aging fleet.
The world has changed drastically. Russian Alliance fell, China is gaining power. Although the latest era, the U.S. faced with sudden dangers, hold advantages in the air you need. Unconventional opponents, such as «Taliban», of course, will not be able to challenge the South American troops in the air, on land and at sea, because obliged to pursue asymmetric strategies. But the U.S. Air Force bombers to substantiate that it is able to adapt to the new criteria in action.
Most importantly, you should be aware that the new bomber would be a kind of insurance against the indefinite military threats of the future. The world is facing unprecedented configurations in the development of human civilization. In the last 100 years we have not been able to predict most of the large military threats and would be stupid to say that we can better understand the future. One must be met — have fleet that could strike at least some part of the globe. Inability to keep this feature will be fatal to the interests of the United States.
The program of creating a new bomber more than once postponed. After the end of the war the Pentagon cool finished setting up the B-2 and annulled aaplet creation of new bombers (the first time since 1920). As a result of three decades the U.S. has not developed a new bomber.
In the period between 2013-2017 years Air Force plans to develop promising distant shock bomber LRS-B (Long Range Strike Bomber), the budget for this purpose laid six billion U.S. dollars. BBC they say that they want to purchase a new 80-100 bombers at an average price of each $ 550 million in the first bomber should find initial operational capability in 2025. Although the details of the project are kept secret, experts predict that the new aircraft will be able to work autonomously in the airspace of the enemy and strike at intercontinental distances everyday and precision instrument. On the design, creation and deployment of new bombers could take 20 years. During this period, you need to continue to support with technical competence available bombers Park — expand the range of tools used and managed with «age-related diseases,» such as it is, as corrosion of iron parts of the airframe.

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