To Kryčaŭ became a free city, we live 100 years and one day!

Ancient in Mogilev 30000th Kryčaŭ met me as a half decades back. Metal Lenin demonstrated in the center of the hand on the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of the Lord.
Looking in the direction of Lenin hand saw on entering the temple note with tremendous signs and totally secular appeal to the congregation: "Be sure to turn off cell phones."
But did not see the old ruined tower of reddish bricks that once stood nearby. Under Eurorepair put away the store wall "shop" where he wasand scenes from the history of the town.
Talking about further configurations with known local historians and photographers here, 60-year-old Valery Bysavym.
Encores: "Oral sprawled on the right bank of the river Sog fourteen miles, is divided into three districts. Lives in the center of two or three thousand and power that paints all to yourself.
But near the train station, when you come to the area, the pool with the smell which can be fish grow. This business card Prakopau, chairman of the executive committee and his deputy in social matters Sergei Morozov.
Center must be in the neighborhood "Komsomol", where twelve thousand lives and Sauget, where seven thousand inhabitants. But there are no toilets, baths, combine personal services … "
Encores has recently opened Krichevskys Kurapaty which placed under the said Church of the Resurrection. Oh, so it was.
Encores: "When the construction of the temple of the Resurrection (and there was a cinema), in bolshennom hall unearthed bones. Remains priests here Bolsheviks shooting. Misha Then the father said to me:" We all fell asleep under the altar, and let everyone is silent. "
One grandmother told me that he was cold, when it’s all destroyed, it was in the 1930s, and people were herded into the church and closed. A five-year boy in sandals fled, knocked on the window: "Grandma, give him bread." Collected bread, fat, and the boy suffered in the church. And all …
These remains to this day lie beneath the altar. Krichevskaya Resurrection Church stands almost on the bones of the priests were shot. On the bones of the last stands and district party committee — working threw skulls and bones in the cement for the foundation. "
Article about Valery Bisov printed in one of the oldest in the country to be independent of the local newspaper "Free City". Now it is distributed in 3 areas of Mogilev. Almost a decade of existence came two 50 rooms. I arrived at exactly the exit Kryčaŭ anniversary.
Editor, 42-year-old Sergei Uneven, recalls how "free city" began after the famous 1996 referendum which gave the head of the country, as stated Sergei, "royal opportunities."

Uneven: "The question arose — how to convey your thoughts, alternative information to people? It was a push to be independent newspapers. Nearly all helped Viktor Ivashkevich: here we spread his" Work ", instead he helped print" Free City ".
Came the people who began to write more skillfully, appeared web access, network of correspondents, many subscribers. People just called the editor, offered the means. "
Sergei mentions the repression of editorial and publishing more acute. By the way, the journalists of "Free Town" very tenacious — raised the topic can lead months.
Uneven: "For example, in today’s first deputy chairman of the Executive Committee Morozova, even when he ran the school, brought a criminal case for forgery — a terrific magazine. In the" free city "reminded of this more than once.
There were plenty of repression. In 2001, the editorial office attacked, smashed all the crowbar, "crowbar". Naturally, we know that "groomed" of the KGB, but as always chernokornya were policemen. All the components selected for us brought a criminal case — Tipo to seize a policeman. There were plenty of penalties for exceeding Tipo circulation.
Now Lukashenko said that the district municipal newspaper "derelict" and independent press the government does not interfere. Once again filed an application for consent to arrange "Free City" on the address specified. So check the power to "vashyvasts."
During the trip, perhaps, the whole town was shocked death of 20-year-old Alexander Krichevtsov Shamrin.
He served in the 72nd training center near Borisov in "Safe." That day was engaged to his boss’ order does not matter military — podsobku whitewash. According to the official version, astupivshysya, fell from a height of 2-a-half meters onto a concrete floor. He died eleven days, and never regained consciousness.
Ancestors — 50-year-old Alexander yes 48-year-old Lyudmila. They believe that their offspring was the victim of indifference to the fate of the higher military and young hazing.
We sit in their bolshennom and more empty house after the death of offspring. At the entrance — a poster Milinkevich. In the hall — a portrait offspring. Reasons parents have not been heard in any court, or in the offices of the military bureaucracy. Asked to give the word "freedom."

Lord, "says that with stelyazhu fell on the concrete floor. Why ribs are broken? How can fall down on the floor to get to the head of the trailer standing on the sidelines? .. When arrived there, were that he did nothing, and on the court pronounced that Veterans were forced to do "with a spray gun." In practice there is no witnesses, he filed …
And more. We have found some clothes not, although this should be handled by the investigator. In medrotse pronounced that it was taken by a soldier. Not inspected and odezhki servicemen who foundReferring next to the offspring, — the presence of blood is not broken …
We did not try to justify even one that was killed by a scion of the ill-fated case. We showed sei volumes of the case — in the main, the book is reprinted Safety …
I believe that the blame and Rusakovich Borschev warrant, which was not there when the students worked. There was a senior mechanic — abandoned children. Starasluzhachamu Sayano became ill in court — did not know what version read.
Investigators do not pay attention to what my late son on his left hand knocked falyanga third finger. Our world — there was a hassle … "
Not so much as with the "grandfathers" still serve two silent young comrades Sasha about what happened in fact? But, in forensics, death occurred after exposure to hard blunt objects. Body recorded numerous fractures.
Upon appeal to the prosecutor lawyer Belova, "stock … damage indicates crime by forcibly action." I can not, so as not sounded, and these words of Mrs. Shamrin.
Shamrin: "I am the mother of Sasha Shamrin appeal to all the guys who served with my Sasha. Beg to call, told what happened to our offspring. 57-957 Krychau in our phone …"
Fundamental for the economy Unitary Enterprise "Krychavtsementashyfer." By the way, a great and successful in the outcome of labor. By year end, there should appear a production line with capacity of 500 thousand tons of cement per year.
Incidentally, here are some mini-review made me Nikolai Gerd which 10 years he was deputy chairman Krichevsky executive committee.

Gerd: "Today operates normally only" Krychavtsementashyfer. " Newcomer third furnace will allow somehow raise the area’s economy, because increase railway transportation, the number of workers to eighty people. Average salary at tsemzavode 870 thousand.
The factory rubber products the situation is unstable. Management refers to roughly workaholic — get a miser, though harmful chemical industry. At the factory was tyscha people currently less than 100 and fifty. "
Nikolai is the chairman of the local Business Council, whose number is seeking nearly 1,200 people. Yet. After all, when it comes to the current state of small business spokesman scratching his head:
Gerd: "There is an obvious reduction in farms and personal motor.’re One unitary construction company" Impulse ".
Adoption 760 th presidential decree that requests personal re businessmen unitary enterprise, according to professionals, 70% reduction in the number of those who are engaged in small business. Units remain.
To all of the last five or six years is lyumpenizatsyya authorities at the local vertical — come people who can do the orders from above, but is not able to receive adequate conditions of the area making … "
The last words of the Emperor Gerda remembered at a construction site where, according genplyanu, in February next year should see the city pool. Its construction had spent 3 billion rubles, of which only 300 million disbursed.
Picture of what I saw was impressive. Construction is not something that has not begun — for the beginning did not disappoint even underground utilities! Was not visible and working. On the outskirts were only a bulldozer and excavator.
In digging motors driver Igor Lukyanov and Ivan Borschev of local PMK-one hundred and thirteenth I ask, are there any chances to swim in February?

Driver: "Hardly! There are no builders … Front of no more … Dirt began to shoot, and no pipes. Will not — will delve into the engine … No Funding, starring Ming, left …"
Krichevskys vertikalschika as contractors invited professionals from Minsk society more responsibility "Farsetbud", without bothering to find out whether there is a town in its own construction equipment, respectively. Although not need to be spices to realize that only carry massive operation cranes — burn billion
Tongued situation here with the reconstruction of a large monument of architecture — Palace of Prince Potemkin, where often visited Russian Empress Catherine II.
Again the word of the editor-independent newspaper "Free City" Sergei irregularities:
Uneven: "Here the whole affair. Reconstruct more than fifteen years. Authorities invested little money, shut, doing nothing, for a certain time. Rain, the elements brought to the palace that once again became as before.
And so, in the end, gave so much money, that he had the initial appearance. Are independent experts at beheld that not remodel the old methodology. The old builders had their own recipes, brick, sponge — maintained a certain time.
Build the people who do not know. Builders do not Krichevsky and do not respond, what will happen to the palace after 5 years. Maybe under the rain, the wind starts to crumble all, and again have to reconstruct … "
Krichevtsov not trust local authorities, claims Bisov said. He knows about his own cat cornets.
Encores: "I bought at the company store slaughterhouse tea sausage. Came, as usual, threw the cat. Cat — taster. Well he ate little and night almost died. A Russian sausages, chops cat does not eat. Initially, give the cat, then yourself … "
Before leaving, we sit with Sergei irregularities in the wording of the "Free Town." It is based, by the way, in a personal home publisher — 68-year-old Vladimir Kudryavtsev. He is a member of the BPF inception of the Front. Vladimir joins the rumors about the future. And hope my colleagues are not befitting — strong.
Uneven: "All the same ideas in the past six months, people start to change something. Sharply increased demand for" free city. "Previously many people took me belligerently -" Oh, come this sneaky beneefovets "now respectfully:" Sergey, give read if there was anything the freshest? "
People are upset that in municipal newspapers, TV says they want to know candidacy. When changes begin? If something in humans suggested changes. This was an action should occur, then — change. Oral become a free city. "

Reporter: "Uncle Volodya, going to live up to regime change?"
Kudryavtsev, "I vowed to live 100 years and one day. ‘Cause wait as long as this mode is lost. Long live Belarus!"

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