Topics night air — crime and guerrilla television lottery

The theme of "Night of research" — Belarusian television lottery. Is it true that they are addictive in the audience and the players? On this topic traders will speak lottery and psychologists. And the inhabitants of Minsk utter, whether they believe in the integrity of the lottery.
In addition — reports from rally supporters of the "United Our homeland" in Minsk and from filming a movie in n» play Kupala "Tuteyshyya" which leads director Valery Mazynsky near Bialystok. And our correspondents inform, now happened in Minsk poetry festival "word order" and as a recognizable DJ Laurel processed Belarusian songs.
In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story about the creation of "Tarpach", and "Night Primer" in the author’s continued implementation of sound humorous narrative Igor Sidoruk "School".
After the 23rd hour: review letters to freedom, "Journey to Freedom" in the village parish» John Dokshitsky district, the focus of discussion "Examination of Freedom" — in the midst of controversy favorites entrepreneurial movement after yesterday’s strike, as the story of Borovljansky village-type orphanage home and transfer to the anniversary of the assassination Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.
From 22 hours — in the air "Freedom" and the Web.

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