Tribunal decides a dispute with the government of human rights defenders

Three years reverse the Belarusian Helsinki Committee taxed on foreign assistance for the TACIS program there. Meanwhile, previously from this tax did not take care. The authorities explained to innovation changes in tax law that has brought Parliament. Why do defenders of BHC filed to the court on the government, and not to those who adjusted the law? Vice-chairman BHC Hulak says:
"The government should take action to an international contract neabkladanni taxes foreign aid was included in the law. But the government did not. The law for a year and 10 months there was a hole. So we ask, so we compensated for the loss incurred as a result of government inaction . "
I recall in the BHC arrested property, which evaluated 250 thousand rubles. But most importantly, they say human rights activists, the tribunal decided to collect from 155 million rubles organization taxes and penalties for non-payment. Since funds for this organization’s budget was not due to BHC arrested and brought against her control criminal case. Later it was closed, but the chairman of BHC Tatiana Protko not exclude that the case at any moment can resume.
"Incidentally, it’s pretty nasty article. He confiscation and prison sentence of up to 7 years. This is what concerns me. A as for organization, how many years our activity is virtually paralyzed, because we can not work through the current account. "
The representative of the Ministry of Finance recently hearing declined to comment, government employees in general to the tribunal were not.
Observers are reminded that a year earlier Supreme Economic Tribunal has recognized the legitimacy of claims to BHC by the tax authorities. In their opinion, human rights activists to dismiss the government — sign means that before the servants of Themis mistaken. But there is counter-question: why referee Catherine Karatkevich perceived complaint for investigation if it could simply reject?
Views on human rights, the outcome of the proceedings to assure indeed whether the Belarusian authorities are going to do their obligations with respect to the eligibility criteria for international assistance.
• Ministry of money is not willing to reconcile with the BHC, 13.09.2007
• BHC does not exclude that the government will want to reconcile, 13.09.2007

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