Trumps: On our side sing, dance, play, they say!

Village harp, when you go to the deepest side of Minsk, not impossible to see.
The village lies at the highest, forested mountains, the top of which can be seen for a good ten miles. And on arrival at the village look traveler lured three highest crosses carved in stone.
Such a fabulous mix of great sorrow and stone crosses suggests the idea that there lives a giant. And it’s true.
Hercules really live under the mountain. His name is Alexander Kolbasich. He is 83 years old, 20 of which he, in the prime of life, gave camp. Initially, the German working, and after Russian Kolyma.
Low, but very wiry old man hospitably invites the table. It is evident that the attention of journalists, he is not deprived.

Alexander: "In 1943, the Germans caught the guerrillas. And I was seventeen years old. So where they catch the guerrillas? Scored Men like me. Let’s go.
The barn was a large, aristocratic, yet old. 50 100 people in the village have collected. Such rumors went that non-smokers. We sit in the evening, maybe up to 12 hours. Say exactly burn us. "
Reporter: "You were sitting in genym barns?"
Alexander: "This barns. The Germans surrounded the stand. With the instrument. And then fit a longish car. All of us in the car — and delivered to Latvia. And there wrote "Belarusian bandit" on the back of each. Us 1500. For thirteen months left only 220. "
Liberation 1944 "Belarusian bandit," a couple of times which the Germans were going to shoot, no liberation brought. Kolbasich rides on the Kolyma.
Reporter: "For what?"
Alexander: "And for the fact that the Germans had.’s All. They never talked about. Who was a prisoner of war — May 20 immediately. No discussions. And I had a" wolf ticket ". Daly year bullpen, and then gave me endless link . "
Reporter: "In Kolyma?"
Alexander: "In Kolyma. I nine and a half years left. And given amnesty after Stalin died."
There, in the gulag hell, strong young Belarusian prayed to God for release and trained stabbing pebbles.
Alexander: "I learned to chop stones — do not believe. Oh so stone stool, I’m seven cars a day clave stones. Over three hits. So learned."
Reporter: "What was the hardest on the Kolyma?"
Alexander: "climb was the hardest pits. Where do you explain everything. Way brought, gave a T-shirt, cloth trousers South American, sweatshirt and summer furazhachku. Zimanuv A cold as — 50 degrees. We located the barracks was not the snow. So for night 100 50 ledenela. "
Small old Kolbasich showed me own main instrument. Metal hammer.

Alexander: "For one split shot — and all. Hammer. Here you can see how easy it is possible. Twelve kilogram hammer. And this strike by edging stones. Raza three hits in two stone and everything. From this hammer. This is 10 kilograms. I was 10, but was stolen. "
Reporter: "I rather short rotations such hammer work, and you still — wow! Alexander, you do not regret that life is sent to you so … Kolyma, the Germans … Such difficulties. Looking backwards."
Alexander: "Of course, it was sad, but nothing helped. Such a fate."
Reporter: "You do not murmur at fate?"
Alexander: "No".
A village street are sitting on our endless village pensioner. However, the joy of "decent" pension every month less. But the requirements for "goldfish", countries, more.

Reporter: "How is life for you in retirement?"
Ancient "Rotter. Some live. Some promote. Ask, ask. Poor. Government does not help. To any person given — men to that did, helped. "
Reporter: "And kids are not willing to assist?"
Ancient: "And kids … Their own work. Vodka drink."
Reporter: "And here there are young people who, in the harp?"
Ancient "Beginner. Virtually no …"
Youth here is really poor. For example, young people here considered unmarried 50-year-old Sasha.
Lean, hardware, glasses. Sasha loves to look BT and faithfully believe Lukashenko. Certainly, in such less demanding and hardworking wives and holds presently agriculture.

Sasha: "Build the latest farm. Wondered next year svinafermu complex to build. Dryer set."
Reporter: "For you work there?"
Sasha: "There is."
Reporter: "How much pay, if not a secret?"
Sasha: "What secret? 100 eighty I received about the month of March. Driers was crescent-dried grain. Nearly 600".
Most disturbing is not Sasha wage and absence of his wife.
Sasha: "There is no particular prospects."
Reporter: "No brides?"
Sasha: "No".
How many times Sasha acquainted by correspondence with the city ladies, but they all failed to Sashavu in the village are not willing to go.
Sasha: "I do not envy them. On the village better. Freshest air, nature nearby. Main thing that earnings were, and all. Enviable There’s nothing in them not. They both live in a fortress."
Sasha wished fruitful quest second half, I went to visit Catherine Kovalenko.
Catherine — last Varganskay original director of the school. I recommend it as a great connoisseur of legends about Varganskuyu mountain. But local lore our conversation was limited.
Catherine, the highest 80-year-old mobile lady very happy journalist "Freedom."

Catherine: "This presentation was long. What toad sits on a mountain. Toad sits trohpudovaya. And so she’s moaning.
Maybe, in which the 60 year bus just started going here. Move and said: "Is it true that there moaning trohpudovaya toad?" Who goes, who says that at Mount Varganskay trohpudovaya toad.
Later, when Gagarin flew guys down in the barrel from the mountain. Gagaryntsy like they were. "
Reporter: "No one fought with gagaryntsav?"
Catherine: "No, no fight, nothing. And there have been a forest. So in this forest found people killed. Such cases . "
Our conversation interrupted spouse Kateryna. Once again, I made sure to be as fine South American journalists in Belarus radio.
Old: "And with what the newspaper reporter? Of Lukashenka?"
Reporter: "No".
Catherine: "For Radio Liberty."
Old: "Maybe he did not eat, the reporter?"
Reporter: "Ed."
Old: "Or maybe he means no?"
Reporter: "There."
Old: "Maybe you do not have the girls?"
Reporter: "There. There is everything. "
Catherine: "Has it all. Come, do not bother!"
And that was, if I was an employee of BT? This is better not to think. But back to the conversation with Mrs. Catherine.
Reporter: "Do you remember how Russian came here?"
Catherine: "Oh, very good I remember. "
Reporter: "It was terrible?"
Catherine: "Very creepy. It was wild. People were alone for the fact that came Tips — youth. This Komsomol members were underground Komsomol.
You know, riding Reddish Army. They rode on horseback. Horses were such collective farm. Harness was terrible. Not that the Germans were on — indeed it was evident that some civilization goes.
And here came with flowers meet. And they could not read us. And only one man, soldier, went to my aunt. "Lyudtsy mine, so you know what power goes, you’d cry." That’s what. "
Reporter: "What a brave man."
Catherine: "Brave. Surprisingly, he so said. "So that you know what kind of power rides, you would all wept."
I always hit the escape stories western Belarusians in Russian "paradise." Indeed, on this side of the border they all knew Bolshevik orders. The family of Catherine read magazine "Abroad".
Catherine: "Well, this pravdochku. Present. And NKVD slavechka plant for ear thrown. All it was."
Reporter: "It was an open information?"
Catherine: "Open."
Reporter: "And with all this were Komsomol underground?"
Catherine: "There were. It took three people, which immediately shot in Minsk. Their meeting then shot."
Reporter: "For a little bit of the best?"
Catherine: "Yes, yes. Freedom! Ibid freedom On our side, sing, dance, play, they say! And there is no one witticism. They just head down — and worked.
So our yelled: "You there, numb? You paadrazali languages that you do not want to read? "Nobody will not utter a word, no, no. Do not rouse the head."
Catherine told that near the harp was another mountain. But it was razed by bulldozers and dump Glubokskiy did there.
On Varganskuyu mountain resources is not enough. It will stand forever. As set Kolbasich counties stone crosses.
Leaving the village, as a good symbol for the future, I saw a handful of kids at the Cross with the priest. No church in the harp. The priest came to his parishioners malehankih. And they sang hymns to him in a language that will not disappear too.
Kids: "Together utter! Because the sky looks at you father. And he knows everything what you want. Waiting for your trust heart."

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