Turkish fighter development program TF-X estimated $ 33 billion

Turkish fighter development program TF-X estimated $ 33 billion
Turkish Ministry of Defense in the coming couple of years on the program from spendest creation and purchase of new fighter own TF-X 31-33 billion dollars, Defense News reports citing several sources in the Turkish defense industry.
With all this, if the purchase of American promising fighters F-35 Lightning II will continue on schedule, expenditures for military aircraft to exceed 50 billion dollars.
According to the preparatory assessment, the establishment of eight new prototypes flying combat aircraft Ankara will cost about 10 billion dollars.
After completion of the test and taking fighters TF-X on arms, they can be purchased in quantities of 200 units.
The program of creating a new self-TF-X fighter for the Turkish Air Force
The price of each aircraft will be about $ 100 million. So Makar, total expenditures in Turkey in this project will amount to 31-33 billion dollars first in June 2013 the Ministry of Defence of Turkey agreed with the Swedish company Saab to cooperate in developing a fighter TF-X, the newspaper writes Lenta.ru.
The Swedes have already worked for the Turkish military three options promising combat aircraft. They will be presented in September and October this year, while the Ministry of Defence of Turkey will have to choose one of them.
Before construction begins the first flight prototype fighter, Turkey will need to choose one of the jet engines already available on the market.
It should also work out a feasibility study on the basis of which the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will decide on production TF-X.
According to the current schedule, the first flight of the new combat aircraft to be held in 2023, in the centenary year of foundation of the Turkish Republic. Create TF-X is scheduled to begin in 2021, and the first fighter aircraft will be transferred to the Turkish Air Force in 2025.
The last plane Air Force will receive such type in 2035. It is expected that as part of the Turkish Air Force TF-X last for very little until 2060. Meanwhile, Turkey may not be enough funds to build its own fighter plane, if the authorities do not give up programs from the purchase of American F-35 fighters.
Currently, the Turkish military wants to buy 100 of these aircraft, spending for this purpose more than $ 16 billion

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