U.S. Navy WISH TO HAVE MORE «growler»

Representatives of the U.S. Navy claimed that the Navy will need to purchase additional aircraft electronic warfare EA-18G Growler and increment completeness squadrons filled with these aircraft, reports whidbeynewstimes.com March 19.

At the current time on aviastantsii Navy Whidbey Island has 12 squadrons EW include both EA-18G Growler, and EA-6B Prowler (each with 5 aircraft). It is reported that the desire to have more aircraft EW while not spelled out in the budget, and some representatives of the Navy Fleet «refrain from speculation on this subject.»

Navy want to include the purchase of 22 «growler» in the draft budget for 2015 monetary year. Acquiring more of these aircraft will help protect military industrial base of the country and will provide U.S. military capabilities in waging modern EW the coming decades. «Today, we have the right amount of small squadrons. Looking to the future, we do not think that the demand for electronic warfare will be less, «said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus (Ray Mabus).

Without additional orders (both from the Pentagon and foreign customers) manufacturing assembly line for aircraft EA-18G Growler and F/A-18F Super Hornet at the company «Boeing» in St. Louis finished their work in the 3rd quarter of 2016 . Last year, Australia was the only State that ordered the 12 «growler.» Preparing Australian pilots conducted at aviastantsii Whidbey Island.

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